For Those Who Love God

For Those Who Love God

Text: Romans 8:28-30


I.         Jesus said that the greatest command is to love God - Matthew 22:37-38

            A.        It is the greatest command because it is the foundation for all other commands

                        1.         It opposes all idolatry, the complete rejection of God (atheism), and sins directly against God

                        2.         But it also demands love for our fellow man in a consistent way - I John 4:20-21

                        3.         Thus, the love of God leads to the love of neighbor - Romans 13:9-10

            B.        Loving our neighbor shows our love for God - I John 4:7

            C.        Loving God means following Him - I John 2:5

                        1.         When love our neighbor and keep God’s commands, then we love God - I John 5:2-3

II.        God makes everything to work for the good of His people - Romans 8:28

            A.        Blessed are those who fear God and walk in His ways - Psalms 128:1-2

            B.        The righteous are rewarded for their deeds - Isaiah 3:10

            C.        But do we love God just when things go our way?

                        1.         Later Paul clarifies that it bad things happen to God’s people - Romans 8:35-37

                        2.         Bad things do happen, but God is able to make those work out for the good of His people.

                        3.         Affliction can keep people on the right track - Psalms 119:67, 71

                        4.         It is not fun at the time, but yields good results - Hebrews 12:11

III.       This benefit doesn’t come to everyone. It is for those who love God - Romans 8:28

            A.        Notice that it is based on man’s decision to love God

                        1.         We have the ability to love God

                        2.         We are not forced into loving God

                        3.         Love has to be chosen

            B.        God has prepared things for those who love Him - I Corinthians 2:9

            C.        A crown of life has been promised - James 1:12

            D.        It is for those who are called according to God’s purpose

                        1.         We are called according to God’s purpose - II Timothy 1:9

                        2.         God’s purpose was to bring about salvation - Ephesians 1:11-14

                        3.         God’s purpose then is the standard by which we are called - Ephesians 3:8-12

            E.        This isn’t about becoming saved. What Paul discusses in Romans 8 is about God working to save those who have answered His call.

                        1.         We are eager to reach heaven - Romans 8:23-25

                        2.         God works to see that He people reach heaven

IV.      God’s plans were made in advance - Romans 8:29-30

            A.        God knows what He wants as the outcome (Ephesians 1:5).

            B.        God always accomplishes His plans - Isaiah 46:8-11

            C.        It is God’s plan to have many conformed to the image of His - Ephesians 4:11-13

            D.        It is these type of people whom God called - Ephesians 4:1-3

            E.        Called you to obtain glory - II Thessalonians 2:14

            F.        Those who answer His call are justified

                        1.         Call on him through baptism - Acts 22:16

                        2.         Called out of darkness - I Peter 2:9

            G.        And those justified are also glorified

                        1.         Jesus gave us his glory - John 17:22

                        2.         Heirs of a hope of eternal life - Titus 3:7

V.        God is working on behalf of His people

            A.        He wants us saved - II Peter 3:9

            B.        He brought us forth by His Word - James 1:18

            C.        Those who love God have God helping them reach victory - Romans 8:31-32

            D.        Suffering and death are a part of life on earth - Romans 8:33-36

            E.        But we conquer through God’s love - Romans 8:37-39

            F.        We need to hold on to the fact that God loves us and we in turn chose to love God

                        1.         Love is the critical element that sees us past all the hardships of life bring us to eternal life

                        2.         This is why loving God is the greatest commandment