Coming with the Clouds

Coming with the Clouds

Text: Revelation 1:4-7


I.         It is easy to make mistakes by assuming that a phrase always applies to the same event

            A.        Revelation 1:7 - What is meant by “coming with clouds” or “coming with the clouds”?

II.        Clouds

            A.        God rides clouds - Psalms 68:4

                        1.         Psalms 104:3 - Clouds are His chariot

                        2.         Deuteronomy 33:26 - He rides to the rescue

                        3.         That Jesus is coming with clouds is a statement that he is God

            B.        Clouds are swift

                        1.         Jeremiah 4:11-13 - A swift delivery of judgment

            C.        Storm clouds are destructive

                        1.         Ezekiel 1:4 - Image of God coming on storm clouds

                        2.         Zephaniah 1:15-18 - Prophecy of the destruction of Israel

                        3.         Zechariah 9:13-14 - Destruction of Greece

                        4.         But it is also God rescuing His people personally - Psalms 18:4-17

            D.        Clouds block light (wisdom)

                        1.         Ezekiel 32:7-8 - No guidance for Egypt

                        2.         Ezekiel 34:12-13 - Israel was scattered on a cloudy, dark day

III.       Coming with Clouds

            A.        Jesus coming to heaven - Daniel 7:13

            B.        Bringing judgment, such as against Egypt

                        1.         Isaiah 19:1 - The Lord rides on a swift cloud

                        2.         Ezekiel 30:3-4 - The day of the Lord is a day of clouds

            C.        Bringing judgment on Jerusalem

                        1.         In talking about the siege and fall of Jerusalem - Matthew 24:28-30

                                    a.         Parallel passages are: Mark 13:26

                        2.         When the high priest demanded to know if Jesus was the Son of God - Matthews 26:63-64

                                    a.         Notice that Jesus said the high priest and the council would see him coming with the clouds and with power

                                    b.         Parallel passages are: Mark 14:61-62; Luke 21:27

            D.        I can’t think of a passage where “coming with the clouds” refers to the second coming

IV.      Every eye will see

            A.        Lightning is noticeable

                        1.         In the judgment on Jerusalem, it would not be hidden - Matthew 24:23-27

                        2.         Similar passage - Luke 17:22-24

            B.        Lightning is also destructive - Psalms 144:3-8

            C.        In Revelation 1:7, notice who is included in seeing Christ – those who pierced him.

                        1.         That was the Roman soldiers - John 19:34-37

                        2.         It was the Jews who demanded his crucifixion - Zechariah 12:10

                        3.         Revelation 1:1-3 says the events would happen soon

                        4.         Later in Revelation 17:14, it talks about Jesus waging war and winning against the beast (the Roman empire)

                        5.         Also Revelation 19:11-16 - Jesus came out of heaven to do battle and judge.

            D.        Regardless, when God comes, it is not a quiet, hidden event.

V.        “Coming with the clouds” means coming in swift judgment

            A.        Eventually, Jesus will come for a final judgment - II Thessalonians 1:3-10

            B.        On that day, the world will end - II Peter 3:10-12

            C.        The earth was never meant to last - Hebrews 1:10-12

            D.        On which side will Jesus find you when he comes? - Matthew 25:31-33