The Christian's Reign

The Christian’s Reign

Text: Psalm 2


I.         Paul makes an interesting statement - II Timothy 2:11-12

            A.        We often talk about being with Christ after our death, but Paul talks about our reigning with Christ.

            B.        He’s not the only one to make this point. John also mentions it - Revelation 3:21

            C.        It is a reign that will last through all eternity - Revelation 22:5

            D.        It is a part of God’s promise - Ephesians 2:5-7

II.        Yet, there are several passages which state that our reign doesn’t begin after this life is over. We are told that the Christian reigns while on earth.

            A.        Daniel prophesied that the saints would possess the kingdom - Daniel 7:18, 22, 27

            B.        Revelation 5:9-10

                        1.         Some translations render “have made us kings” to “have made them to be a kingdom”

                        2.         But all basically state that we reign on the earth.

            C.        This explains, in part, Peter’s statement that we are a royal priesthood - I Peter 2:9

            D.        We reign in our lives - Romans 5:17

III.       It is easy to be told that we are reigning, but ask most Christians and you will find the few, if any, of us feel that we have much authority in this world. So how does a Christian reign?

            A.        We reign by sharing the blessings of our king - Ephesians 1:3

                        1.         As adopted heirs of God, we share in the benefits of our elder brother’s reign upon the throne.

                        2.         God freely gives us all things - Romans 8:32

                        3.         Blessing which we then can in turn share with others - Hebrew 13:16; I Timothy 6:18-19

            B.        The Bible is clear that we have been granted some authority - Revelation 2:26-27

                        1.         This takes a prophesy concerning Christ’s rule and applies it to each Christian

                        2.         Perhaps if we understand how Christ rules, then we can understand how we share in that rule.

IV.      The Reign of Christ

            A.        God rules over His people

                        1.         Those who are in God’s kingdom accept His rule - Matthew 6:10, 33

            B.        God rules over those who reject His authority

                        1.         Nebuchadnezzar learned this the hard way - Daniel 4:1-3, 30-37

                        2.         God rules over all - Psalm 103:19

                        3.         His kingdom has no limits - Psalm 145:13

            C.        Christ came to establish a kingdom which would consume all others - Daniel 2:44

                        1.         His rule is not dependant on the acceptance of man - Psalm 2

                        2.         He rules in the midst of his enemies - Psalm 110:1-3

                        3.         Christ holds authority in heaven and on earth - Matthew 28:18

                        4.         Christ reigns over the United States, France, Iraq, and every other nation – whether they acknowledge His reign or not.

V.        The Christian’s Reign

            A.        The Christian reigns with Christ

            B.        According to the laws of our kingdom, we are obedient to the laws of the nation where we live - Romans 13:1-7

                        1.         But when a nation breaks a law of God, we have authority to tell the nation it is wrong.

                        2.         When the apostles were told to stop preaching in the name of Jesus - Acts 4:19-20

                        3.         They were threaten further but released.

                        4.         Notice how the Christians responded to news of this event - Acts 4:23-30

                        5.         What gave the apostles the right to tell the rulers they were wrong? Jesus gave them and every Christian that right.

                        6.         When one person tells another “this is the way it is going to be,” who is in charge?

            C.        The Christian’s rule doesn’t extend to creating his own laws

                        1.         But we have the right to impose Christ’s laws on others

                        2.         We have the right to say that God’s laws supersede our national laws

                        3.         We have the right to tell men they must submit to the will of God

                        4.         They may not like it. We might be persecuted or even killed for our stand with our king, but the right remains with us.

                        5.         Matthew 18:18-20

                                    a.         Most translations are poor here, though the New American Standard and the WEB do a good job.

                                    b.         Whatever we bind on earth are the things bound in heaven

                        6.         What gives us the right to bind the will of heaven on others?

                                    a.         The fact that as obedient servants of Christ, we reign with him.

                                    b.         Jesus states that he will back up his servants

            D.        We are more than conquerors - Romans 8:33-39