Are You Weary of God?

Are You Weary of God?

Text: Micah 6:1-3


I.         Being a Christian is a commitment for life.

            A.        Matthew 7:13-14 - Few make it.

            B.        Few made it from Israel - Romans 9:27

            C.        People will want in, but don’t put in the effort until too late - Luke 13:23-30

II.        It isn’t that God is trying to keep people out

            A.        Luke 12:32 - God is pleased to offer a kingdom

            B.        II Peter 3:9 - God wants people to change

            C.        God is willing to forgive - Micah 7:18-19

            D.        There really is no reason why people cannot be saved - Ezekiel 18:21-23, 30-32

III.       The reasons people don’t last are many

            A.        The parable of the sower - Matthew 13: 18-23

                        1.         Some are not really converted by the word

                        2.         Some are not committed, and so they become temporary

                        3.         Some are deceived to be pulled back into sin

                        4.         Only the ones who hear and understand are productive

            B.        But people won’t see the problem as being them. They will blame someone else – particularly God - Micah 6:1-3

                        1.         People got weary of serving God!

                        2.         It comes from forgetting who benefitted them - Micah 6:4

                        3.         It comes from wanting to sin - Micah 6:5

                        4.         People came to despise God without even realizing it - Malachi 1:6-14

                        5.         This isn’t limited to Israel. Nothing has changed.

                                    a.         Christians forget that they were rescued from sin

                                    b.         They get bored with the things God asks them to do

                                    c.         They desire some sin back in their lives

                                    d.         So they no longer honor God

            C.        Little do they realize how tiresome they are to God - Isaiah 43:22-24

                        1.         But even then God is willing to forgive - Isaiah 43:25-26

IV.      So who is at fault? The one offering salvation or the ones who give up?

            A.        Our sins are against God. They prove that God is just - Psalms 51:4

            B.        The law, God telling us in advance, removes any excuse - Romans 3:19-22

            C.        Our failure doesn’t mean God failed - Romans 3:3-6

V.        We cannot create our own way to God. We cannot earn God’s praise

            A.        Micah realized that what God asked of man is really straight forward and simple - Micah 6:6-8

            B.        There really is no excuse for anyone’s failure, which what makes it so sad - Micah 1:8

            C.        True rest for the soul is found in God - Matthew 11:28-30