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Church Songs Online / Renewal for Your Soul

Eighteen conservative, well-spoken preachers in the brotherhood broadcast through this Iinternet radio station sermons, short talks and outreach programs.  It is heard in 150 countries and is completely biblical in its nature. It is supported completely by the subscription fee and the effort of one Christian. To date there are over a hundred hours of sermons and acappella songs available.  The subscription cost to listen to the station is $3.65 a month.   

If this is something you are interested in, there is free five day of trial.

Renewal for Your Soul (individual downloads)

Church Songs Online (Internet Radio Station)

To see a list of the preachers who are sharing the gospel through out the world, by this broadcast visit:

Free Audio Lessons

Sermon Exchange Program

There are a number of churches operating without full-time ministers. Many use recordings of lessons given by preachers in other locations to fill in the gap, but finding good material is difficult. On the other end, many people have copies of sermons on tape, CD, or even video tape or DVD, which they have enjoyed but no longer need. What we are offering is a matching service. Let us know if you need lessons or have lessons to give away. We will match you up with someone in the opposite situation. Names and addresses will not be posted due to privacy issues. We will e-mail the name and address of the needing people to those able to give and ask that they mail the tapes directly to those in need. Please don't send tapes to La Vista as we don't have the storage capacity. Only sermons by conservative, non-institutional preachers of the churches of Christ will be considered in this exchange. Currently, we have seven sources willing to create any number of tapes or CDs (within reason) and cassette tapes ready for shipment.


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