La Vista Church of Christ

The La Vista Church of Christ was established in September of 1971. There were two families living in the area and they met for a time in the home of Ken and Rita Hirshey and their children. The other family was Wally and Nellie Bates and their children. Ken worked in a government position and Wally was in the military. Tim and Judi Fox joined the congregation soon after. Tim was also in the military.

In 1972 Ken and Wally met with the school board of the Parkview Heights Elementary School in La Vista. The board allowed the congregation to meet in their gymnasium on Sunday for worship. Various locations were used for the Wednesday night Bible study.

Additional families began to worship with the congregation. Property was secured at 89th and Granville and the building process began in 1975. The first service was held in the new building in December of 1975.

The congregation grew to approximately 80 in 1994. However, due to many military families and other job related situations, we lost 7-9 families that year. The congregation again grew to approximately 80 members in 2000, but again shrank due to families moving out of the area.

The congregation has approximately 50 members at this time. However, over the course of the past 42 years over five hundred people have been members of the La Vista Church of Christ.

Preachers at La Vista have been:

  • Terry Johnson, 1974-1977 (approximately)
  • Shelby Sanders, 1978-1982
  • Mike Divis 1984-1994
  • Carl MacMurrary 1990-1993
  • Jeffrey Hamilton 1995-present