Answers to Questions in 2008

Below is a record of answers given to past questions.

01/01 If Jesus knew Judas would betray him, why did Jesus have him around?
01/01 "It isn't hard to coincide the Bible and evolution if we understand that days could have meant some long period of time."
01/02 Can I get some advice from you?
01/03 Do I stay with my husband or run off with my lover?
01/03 Am I compromising by just drinking a glass of wine a few days each week?
01/08 How can I show my brother that it is wrong to sleep with a woman even though you aren't having sex?
01/10 How can I handle infatuation?
01/11 Can a short hand job make you pregnant?
01/11 Should material by a denominational woman preacher be used in a Bible study?
01/11 When I get busy in school, I lose sight of God. Is that wrong?
01/11 What should be done when a foreign preacher asks for money?
01/12 What is the Law of Christ?
01/12 Which day is the Sabbath?
01/12 What is the longest name of a person in the Bible?
01/12 Why is eating in the building an issue?
01/12 Should prayers only be made for things that bring God glory?
01/14 "I find the criticism on the Wisdom of Solomon out of order."
01/15 Wouldn't it be better to put the questions and answers on a site that doesn't mention the church of Christ?
01/15 Could you write a response to "Common Sense Questions a 'Church of Christ' Preacher Cannot Clearly Answer?"
01/16 The idea that a husband cannot rape his wife is a gross misrepresentation of what the Bible says.
01/17 Waiting for sex is difficult, but your web page got me to hold on to my purity.
01/17 Should I, as a Baptist, be in a relationship with a Catholic?
01/18 Why do animals have feelings if they are just food?
01/19 Must everything we do be in God's name and a benefit to His kingdom?
01/19 How can I overcome the fear of being possessed by a demon?
01/20 Is seeing or touching private areas a sin?
01/21 Is my marriage before a justice of the peace legitimate?
01/21 How can I get the heart and desire to go out of my way to worship God?
01/23 "I'm learning so much."
01/24 Paul was filled with the Spirit before he was baptized, so wasn't he saved before baptism?
01/24 Could you tell me more about the day of Pentecost?
01/25 Was eating blood only wrong because it was associated with idolatry?
01/25 How do we undo the bad parenting we did in the past?
01/25 What happened to Jesus' soul between the time of his death and his resurrection?
01/25 What does it mean to "inherit the kingdom of God?"
01/25 What is a "love feast?"
01/25 Is the church the building or its members?
01/26 My marriage is not what it should be and I fear I'm losing my husband. What should I do?
01/28 Is living together, but not sleeping together, a sin?
01/28 What will heaven be like?
01/29 My wife divorced me after getting involved in a charismatic group. What do I do now?
01/30 Is kissing and fondling my boyfriend fornication?
01/30 My husband supposedly stopped viewing pornography, but he has stopped sleeping with me. How can I trust him?
01/31 To whom should we pray?
01/31 Who cares if the word "rapture" doesn't appear in the Bible? It is still a term used to describe a real event.
01/31 Doesn't John 20:23 say that priests can forgive sins?
01/31 If other sins in the Old Testament are no longer sins, then isn't homosexuality also not a sin?
01/31 Did I commit a deadly sin by having sex with my girlfriend, even though I know I'm going to marry her?
02/01 Why did God put the tree in the garden if He knew man would sin?
02/02 Should anti-depressants be used to help come off of drugs?
02/02 Why don't Protestants say the Rosary?
02/03 I love "Raising Godly Children in a Wicked World."
02/05 I think I have a child with a girl, but she doesn't want me in her life. What do I do?
02/06 Does Christ's law about divorce and remarriage apply to non-Christians?
02/06 My non-Christian wife led me to stop attending worship, but I'm trying to come back. Do you have any advice?
02/06 Shouldn't we follow the Old Testament and the New Testament?
02/06 Why are animals put to death when it is the person who sins?
02/07 How can I help a brother become a better teacher and preacher?
02/07 Does losing your faith mean losing your salvation?
02/10 If the man I committed adultery with is getting divorced, can I marry him?
02/10 Your website is great and really uplifting.
02/10 Why don't Protestants honor Mary as Catholics do?
02/10 Who was sent out as the first missionary?
02/11 What can I do about my mother-in-law's interference?
02/12 Which antidepressant is best for the treatment of drug addiction and for dealing with anger?
02/12 In the stations of the cross, why is Jesus shown carrying the cross after Simeon carries the cross?
02/12 Is masturbating wrong for women?
02/14 I'm not certain whether my boyfriend went to heaven or hell. How can I know?
02/15 Does a change in the Law mean God changes His mind a lot?
02/16 Where are we headed?
02/17 Why do I still not have control over my anger?
02/18 When does head covering apply?
02/18 How can I help break an impasse between two young people?
02/18 "The New Testament was written in Hebrew, not Greek!"
02/19 How do I address the crictism of the church by a family member?
02/20 Why did God allow slavery or commit genocide?
02/21 Did Jesus go to Hell?
02/23 Could I be a descendant of Ishmael?
02/23 Is homosexuality a sign of mental illness?
02/23 Is a hand job a sin if you love her and it doesn't lead to sex?
02/24 How do you know if you were a victim of witchcraft?
02/24 Should an unused preacher's home be rented out by a church?
02/26 What is the source of the quote from Martin Luther in McClintock and Strong's Cyclopedia?
02/26 Could the veil just be a symbol of the husband and not a physical veil?
02/26 Isn't the word "day" added to Acts 20:7?
02/27 What is God's view pertaining to cremation?
02/27 How do I get motivated?
03/01 How do I tell someone they are sinning?
03/02 If Adam’s sin isn’t inherited, why do ALL women experience pain during childbirth?
03/03 Do you think God will still love me and forgive me though we committed fornication five times?
03/09 How was John's baptism different from Jesus' baptism?
03/09 I'm going to divorce my wife even though she doesn't want it. What do you think?
03/10 Can you help me explain why it is not right to call Mary "our heavenly mother?"
03/11 Is it okay to listen to instrumental "Christian" music outside of worship?
03/14 What do you think about this divorce situation I ran into in Chile?
03/14 Should I stick with the program or go off to teach the gospel on my own?
03/15 How do I talk to my Bhuddist grandmother about Christ?
03/15 Who is God to decide my life?
03/15 Why did God extend Hezekiah's life?
03/16 What more should I do to be worthy of forgiveness? I committed fornication just before my marriage.
03/17 Does Buddhism prove Jesus to be myth?
03/18 Is the Song of Solomon only about Solomon and the woman he marries?
03/21 How many Roman soldiers came to the garden to arrest Jesus?
03/21 Is Jesus the wisdom of God?
03/21 How can I convert my Jehovah's Witnesses wife?
03/22 My mother thought she was a witch. Could she have harmed someone?
03/22 Can a person live a completely sinless life and enter Heaven without Jesus?
03/22 Is there a second chance of salvation after death?
03/23 What do you think about reading books by denominational authors?
03/23 Can a church support a saint who doesn't believe as you do?
03/25 Did Jesse have seven or eight sons?
03/26 Do historians and the Bible disagree?
03/27 Thank you for the evidence that Pat Robertson is a false prophet.
03/27 I want to attend a different church than my parents. What do I do?
03/27 Thank you for the information on teenage boy's mood swings.
03/27 Isn't it alright to go to a denomination if a faithful church isn't close?
03/28 What does "beth" mean in various town names?
03/29 Why does Hebrews 4:9 speak of the Sabbath rest remaining if the Sabbath observance is no longer required?
03/29 How do I deal with skeptics?
03/30 Should I partake of the Lord's Supper if I can't focus on Jesus' death?
03/30 Thank you so much for your article on envy.
03/31 Do I understand the history of the Temple accurately?
04/01 If gluttony and drinking are both sins, then isn't abstaining from alcohol as ridiculous as abstaining from food?
04/01 You think you have the right to judge your fellow man.
04/01 How far should a person's past be checked before baptizing them?
04/02 Do you think Satan's face appeared in smoke of the Twin Towers as they burned?
04/02 What are the citations for Luther's quotes on Baptism?
04/03 How do I deal with bitterness against the two fathers of my two daughters?
04/07 What song books would you recommend?
04/09 What did Simeon mean in Luke 2:35?
04/10 Is it wrong to marry a person from a different race?
04/10 Did Paul really receive the Holy Spirit before his baptism?
04/10 I ran into an argument that "every lexicon" defines oinos as fermented drink. Do you have sources to dispove this?
04/10 Is it proper to feel contempt for those who will not listen to the truth?
04/12 How do you counsel a person who wants to commit suicide?
04/15 Does the Spirit of God come upon all men?
04/15 Can you explain all these similar phrases about dying with Christ and dying to sin?
04/17 Are drums of God or the devil?
04/17 How can baptism be necessary when everyone doesn't have access to water, someone to baptize them, or haven't practiced it for centuries?
04/17 Wasn't Paul a Nicolaitan?
04/18 "It's your fault that people are biased against homosexuality"
04/18 Was David a young man when he killed Goliath and not a boy?
04/21 Was Matthew originally written in Hebrew or Aramaic?
04/23 Why is it OK to take some parts of Leviticus seriously but not all of it?
04/24 Does Romans 4:9-12 indicate that we are saved prior to baptism?
04/25 I enjoyed your article on the Azusa Street revival.
04/25 Did the thief on the cross work when he rebuked the other thief?
04/25 I'm not certain if we are ready to raise children.
04/25 Why does Mark have "Eloi" and Matthew have "Eli" for the same statement?
04/26 How should a Christian handle violent or adult content video games?
04/27 Is it wrong to win money from a casino?
04/28 What is wrong with the Baptists, Methodists, etc.?
04/28 Can one be a Mason and a Christian?
05/01 Your misuse of Leviticus 10:9 undermines your argument.
05/02 What makes some fantasy stories wrong?
05/02 You have one of the most sensible articles concerning Jepthah's daughter.
05/04 How do I get back to God?
05/04 How do I teach a young woman who harbors anger over the past?
05/05 Does the Holy Spirit really come inside a person at conversion or only upon a person?
05/09 Why do you say that sex without being married is a sin?
05/09 "I love web sites like yours that help to clarify the Gospel."
05/10 Is the song "Light the Fire" scriptural?
05/11 Will Jesus come again when everyone has heard the gospel?
05/11 Are we judged based on justification or based on sanctification?
05/13 How do we teach against bad language?
05/15 Did the Jesuits develop preterism and futurism?
05/19 I keep questioning my beliefs. Does that mean I'm no longer saved?
05/19 If, after being divorced, a person found out that his spouse was married to another at an earlier time, is he free to remarry?
05/19 I found out my wife is seeing another man before our divorce is final. Is this enough proof that adultery is involved and I can get remarried?
05/20 Is baptism required to go to heaven?
05/21 If a person is in an adulterous relationship, must they leave their partner and children?
05/22 Does fornication include adultery, or are people only looking for another way out of marriage?
05/22 Is our relationship adulterous because we both had unscriptural divorces from prior marriages?
05/22 If a husband commits adultery after his wife divorces him, can she remarry?
05/23 How were the Thessalonians taught by God to love one another?
05/24 Does a Christian have the right to privately criticize an elder?
05/25 "Thank you for the great marriage study information."
05/25 "I'm depressed and about to be homeless. At 64 years old, I cannot live like this."
05/25 How could a good God allow sex to exist in the world?
05/26 Is playing an instrument for a person's own enjoyment scriptural?
05/27 My ex-girlfriend is caught up in emotionalism. How can I get her to see the truth?
05/28 I think my girlfriend is making a mistaking in finding a new place to live. What can I do?
05/30 Does it please God when we preach and teach His Word?
05/30 I noticed the more good I do, the more I am tempted. How do I deal with this?
05/31 My pastor says God told her that I shouldn't marry my fiance. What do I do?
05/31 I found your articles pertaining to eternal security to be excellent.
05/31 Is rough sex a bad thing?
05/31 Which baptism is referred to as the one baptism of Ephesians 4:5?
06/01 My girlfriend's past is making me uncomfortable. Should I break up with her?
06/03 Is it okay to pray for my dad or does he hear my prayers?
06/04 Does the Bible say we will be greeted by our loved ones after death?
06/04 "It's people like you who make young people fear to turn to God for help."
06/04 Do you believe that the only way to heaven is by accepting Jesus as your Savior and not by good deeds or grace?
06/05 Do you have something on the use of instrumental music under the Old Law?
06/05 When and where can women teach today?
06/06 How can miracles cease if God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow?
06/10 You should stop bullying people about sexual sins.
06/10 Does Satan know our weaknesses?
06/12 My 14 year old has become rude, a poor student, and mean to his younger brother. What do I do?
06/13 Did God command the use of instrumental music under the Old Law?
06/14 Does the Bible talk about members withdrawing from the church?
06/14 Does the concept of right and wrong come from the nature of God?
06/15 Questions about spanking, privacy, and clothing choices.
06/15 How do you prevent sibling rivalry?
06/16 How do you start over?
06/17 What should be done when everyone doesn't follow the song leader?
06/19 Do have some suggestions on how to talk to a youth group about witchcraft?
06/19 Where is the Scripture that states Abraham strength did not diminish?
06/19 Why are congregations requiring preachers to be married?
06/19 Where does the Bible specifically say sex outside of marriage is wrong?
06/20 What should be done when there are couples in the church living together without being married?
06/20 Isn't the reason denominations want married preachers is because they confuse the office of an elder with that of the preacher?
06/20 Do I need to put all the money I chose to give in the collection or can I send it to help others of my choosing?
06/20 Is there a group of Jews today who still believe they are God's chosen people?
06/23 Should I keep denying boys a chance to walk with me?
06/23 Have I been worshiping in vain all these years by using instrumental music in worship?
06/23 What are sins of thought?
06/23 If God knew man would sin, why did He create the world?
06/24 Will God forgive me for using His Son's name in vain?
06/25 Doesn't Colossians 2:12 clearly show that baptism is a work of God?
06/25 I feel so stupid. I just told a child that looking at pornography was a sin and then the next evening did it myself. Can you give me some advice?
06/25 What imagery in Revelation do you find does not fit the destruction of Jerusalem?
06/26 Why have some books been left out of the Bible?
06/26 There are people in the Bible with long hair, so it can't be wrong.
06/27 Should I not make waves because of the sin in the church I'm attending because I'm only here for a short while?
06/27 What if a person dies after accepting God but before he can be baptized?
06/28 "Telling people that homosexuals can change is doing them harm"
07/02 Can a woman teach a third grade boy who has been baptized?
07/02 What do you do when people say it is wrong to speak out against homosexuality?
07/03 How do you handle a complainer?
07/03 Where does God promise a husband?
07/03 "Witchcraft isn't evil. I don't believe in evil. It depends on each individual."
07/04 How did the early church know what to do and how are we to determine what we are to follow?
07/05 "I am impressed by your teaching on baptism"
07/05 Does divorce disqualify a man from being an elder?
07/05 How do you teach the Scriptures to an agnostic?
07/08 Did my girlfriend and I sin by trying foreplay even though we will be married next year?
07/08 Why did God require the Israelites to leave their non-Jewish spouses?
07/09 Are you in fellowship with the authors of the articles on your web site?
07/09 Several questions from I Samuel
07/09 How do you deal with sin in the church when the elders disagree?
07/10 Is withdrawing removing someone from a church's membership role?
07/12 Can I tell you a bit about my past?
07/12 Can I have someone I know who is struggling with masturbation and guilt contact you?
07/13 How do you seek first the kingdom of God?
07/14 Where does it say that a person who approves of homosexuality is also condemned?
07/14 What does "the day of visitation" mean?
07/14 Are Christians to rebuke Satan or resist Satan?
07/15 Do you think something drastic will happen this year? Do you think the rapture will happen in the next two years?
07/15 How could Satan be a fallen angel when God did not put cherubim in the Garden until after Adam and Eve fell?
07/16 Was the Law of Moses in effect while Melchizedek lived?
07/16 What can I tell a friend who is planning to have her baby aborted?
07/17 Did David do some of the preparatory work for the Temple?
07/19 Who were the wives who gave birth to David's sons and in which order were they born?
07/19 Where did my stillborn child go upon his death?
07/19 What should our relationship be with our daughter who has just moved in with her boyfriend?
07/19 "How could you possibly say baptism does not save?"
07/19 Can you give me information on the difference between Catholics and protestants?
07/20 "Great sermon on the subject of lying!"
07/20 Did I love him too much?
07/22 Is driving over the speed limit sinful?
07/22 Doesn't God want us to follow parts of the Old Testament?
07/22 Does the Bible say the spirit world is more real that the physical world?
07/23 Where does the Bible mention Joseph providing for his father?
07/23 Is it wrong to purchase items that helps fund a denomination's missionary efforts?
07/24 I disagree with some at my congregation about divorce and remarriage, so how can I worship with them?
07/24 Isn't the one and only unpardonable sin the denial of Christ?
07/24 What does it mean for a husband to not honor his wife?
07/24 Can a visiting Christian lead a congregation in song?
07/26 When do you strive for unity and when do you leave?
07/27 How can I get the people at my congregation to sing parts?
07/27 How can I get my non-Christian husband interested in the church?
07/27 What does "the unsearchable riches of God" mean?
07/28 Are not pictures of Jesus and angels, or even wedding announcements, sinful because they are graven images?
07/30 Was Paul married or a member of the Sanhedrin?
07/30 Are you familiar with Jerry Bassett's teaching on marriage, divorce and remarriage?
07/30 I'm finding myself attracted to a woman who is undergoing a divorce and I know the situation isn't right. What do I do?
07/31 Can a group (choir) sing if it is after the worship service?
07/31 What types of touching is forbidden?
08/01 Is is acceptable to lie about being in a communist country to teach the gospel?
08/01 In your sermon "Spiritual Worship" you didn't mention all the good done by the Baptist church.
08/02 Can't demon possession still happen today?
08/04 What does "put my tears in your bottle" mean in Psalms 56:8?
08/04 "The Mormons use the Bible too."
08/05 Why didn't the elders rebuke a preacher for teaching that forgiveness is unconditional?
08/07 Must a Baptist be re-baptized even though they say had be baptized for the right purpose?
08/08 "How refreshing to see a church more interested in promoting the Bible than social activities."
08/08 Should I wait until after my schooling to get married?
08/10 "I'm not against eating meat, I oppose the cruel treatment of animals."
08/10 Can a person be baptized correctly while being in a denomination that teaches wrongly?
08/12 Why did you leave out pictures from Treasures of the Bible?
08/12 How can I tell when a word in the New Testament actually has an article in front of it?
08/12 Why does Hebrews 9:27 state what it does and yet Elijah and Enoch did not experience physical death?
08/12 If someone refuses to repent, are they still considered brethren?
08/12 Who is the fourth individual in Daniel 3:25?
08/13 Where can I go to learn Koine Greek?
08/13 "The gospel doesn't judge us, Jesus judges us."
08/14 Can my husband be under the spell of a witch?
08/14 Why would God turn His back on the world?
08/15 Do you have more verses on the importance of being respectable?
08/15 Did Noah go to heaven or hell?
08/15 When did Jesus restore the hair of a man?
08/15 What is meant by a new heaven and new earth?
08/16 Should I leave my unloving husband?
08/16 Would I be saved if I died before I was baptized?
08/17 What kind of wood was Jesus' cross made of?
08/17 Is the harlot in Revelation 17-18 the Roman Catholic Church?
08/17 What can I do? I am new to this country and my husband is seeing another woman.
08/18 Is watching movies or making jokes about sinful things really that bad?
08/18 Is there a connection between Jacob's ladder and Jesus' statement in John 1:51?
08/18 What do you think about this preacher's article? I think he is being offensive.
08/18 Of what tribes were Mary, Joseph, John the Baptist and his parents?
08/18 What was Jesus' point about being lifted up for men to see?
08/18 Is masturbation sinful or not?
08/19 How do I keep unity with my congregation that has a different view on divorce and remarriage?
08/20 I heard your article on clothing mentioned in a Jewish study.
08/20 When did the concept of eternal life, heaven and hell first get mentioned in the Bible?
08/21 Will fasting show God that I want to change?
08/22 How do you help someone who is being abused, but who doesn't want help?
08/23 I'm so confused. My boyfriend and I broke up, but now he called me and wanted phone sex with his ex-girlfriend on the phone. I hung up, but what do I do?
08/23 Is it proper to talk about details of sex with your intended before marriage?
08/24 How do I receive revelations from God concerning the power of the Bible?
08/24 Who are the 10 tribes of the Northern Kingdom and the 2 tribes of the Southern Kingdom?
08/24 What do I say to people who are suffering great grief?
08/25 Does "the whole church" refer only to the men?
08/25 Why should YHWH be pronounced correctly and not Yeshua?
08/26 May a church without elders appoint deacons?
08/26 How do I repent of adultery when I don't feel sorry for doing it?
08/26 Why was the kingdom divided in the Old Testament?
08/27 Why is the command to baptize applied to us, but not those concerning miraculous gifts?
08/28 What is meant by not being enslaved to a non-Christian?
08/29 What is meant by "the measure of a man, that is, of an angel?"
08/30 I'm scared that God has made me believe a lie. How can I know His way?
08/31 Is it a sin to choose to remain single?
08/31 What does "end of the age" refer to?
08/31 Is the Sunset International Bible Institute a trustworthy organization?
08/31 Have you heard of the Theophostic Prayer Ministry?
09/02 If I win the lottery, won't that be a blessing from God?
09/03 My boyfriend is addicted to porn and sex web sites. What can I do to help him?
09/03 What should a person say prior to baptizing someone?
09/03 Is there something indicating that Bathsheba was an Israelite?
09/04 I don't know what to do with myself.
09/04 "I learned some life lessons from the lesson 'Why did Uzzah have to Die?' Thank you."
09/04 "I already made the decision to wait until marriage to have sex, but your article made it seem even more sensible to wait."
09/05 Should a woman head the government?
09/05 How do I help a guy who seems down on his luck?
09/05 How can I increase my faith?
09/05 What do you think people did before marriage was invented?
09/06 If a person is married under false pretenses, is it still a valid marriage?
09/06 So the Bible says it's okay to kill animals, eat them, wear their skins, and even abuse them?
09/07 I made a big mistake and had sex with my girlfriend. Can I be forgiven?
09/07 How can you study for classes and study the Bible at the same time?
09/10 Can Christians choose not to pay an income tax?
09/11 We keep going over our boundaries. How do we prevent pre-marital sex in college?
09/12 How do I decide who to vote for?
09/12 What is the best study Bible?
09/12 Should physical features be considered when dating or choosing a mate?
09/12 I found out my 12 year old son is looking at pornography. How do I handle it?
09/13 How can so many studious people end up teaching different doctrines?
09/13 I don't make enough to give a tenth of my income and still pay my debts. What should I do?
09/13 Does God respond to the prayers of the alien sinner?
09/14 I'm thinking of divorcing my wife because she is bipolar and a gambler. What do you think?
09/15 Is it an obligation to fast and make sacrifices to God?
09/15 Once you are saved, can you live a sin free life?
09/15 Do you have to join a church?
09/15 Where was God before He created the heavens and the earth?
09/15 Is Enoch included in Hebrews 11:13 when it said all these died in faith?
09/17 Why should we argue about not getting baptized? We should want to shout it out to the whole world that we're in Christ!
09/17 What can I do? My wife and I are drifting apart.
09/18 How do I reach out to my atheist roommate?
09/18 Does this mean that if you have sex before you're married it's a sin?
09/19 My nine year old is lazy and nothing seems to work.
09/19 I divorced my first wife and am married, but my wife says we are not married in God's sight. Is that true?
09/19 Should a Christian eat with a non-Christian who is having alcohol with his meal?
09/19 The Sabbath is mentioned more than the first day of the week, so isn't that the day we should worship?
09/21 Is it wrong to look at nudes as art?
09/21 Is the heavy use of the phrase "and it came to pass" a point against the Book of Mormon?
09/22 Is there a passage that says to marry a partner of your youth?
09/24 What are the requirements for joining the church there and what are the requirements for getting married there?
09/26 Should I let my children go over to my worldly family's homes?
10/06 I'm teaching a group of 13-17 year girls and would like to address decision making, relationships, and sex. Do you have any suggestions?
10/06 I stopped many of my bad habits, but I'm still plagued by doubts. What do I do?
10/06 Which book can I commit to memory to overcome sexual lusts?
10/06 Thank you for the resources on Catholicism.
10/07 How do you change when you made a mess of raising your children?
10/07 Your questions answered have helped me tremendously.
10/08 What happened to Barabbas?
10/09 Does God have a say in whom we choose as a spouse?
10/09 Can I divorce my husband who is a drug addict?
10/09 Did Gentiles who converted to Judaism worship in the same way as a native Jew?
10/10 Does God condemn marriages to non-Christians?
10/10 Can the Lord's Supper be taken to a shut-in?
10/11 I'm coming off of drugs, but I had cursed the Holy Spirit, can I ever be forgiven of this?
10/11 Is sin causing God to be sad because we turned away from Jesus?
10/12 How many major and minor prophets are there in the Bible?
10/12 I think you are awesome representatives for Christ.
10/13 How could Herod, an Idumean, end up ruling Israel?
10/13 Why does Paul say, "take heed lest you fall" and Peter says "you shall never fall?"
10/13 Will both God and Jesus judge us on judgment day?
10/13 Does the tree of life still exist?
10/14 Why do you say that the wine at the marriage feast in Cana was grape juice?
10/15 Would I still have the right to remarry if I slept with another man before my divorce was final?
10/15 Is the gospels more important than the rest of the New Testament?
10/16 When are we judged, at death or on the Judgment Day?
10/16 Why was Saul's name changed to Paul?
10/16 How tight of a reign should elders have over a preacher?
10/16 Why do you say Judges 11:31 is better translated as "whoever" instead of "that which?"
10/17 I really appreaciate the way you explain your reasoning.
10/17 Did you ever study the life of Christ? Then you would not that it's impossible for God to kill.
10/17 I was healed but I never benefited from it because my daughter abuses me.
10/19 Does God send us signs?
10/21 Where do you draw the line between helping and enabling?
10/21 Who was the first negro convert?
10/21 Should I get in better shape before preaching?
10/22 My boyfriend doesn't want to get married yet because he'll be dropped from his dad's insurance. What should I do?
10/22 Since I Corinthians 16:1-2 was only about one need, then isn't this just an example of how a collection might be taken and not a command for us today?
10/22 My parents are too overbearing. Do I have to obey them even though I'm 18?
10/22 What does it mean that God's word is a two-edged sword?
10/22 What is the significance of the veil being torn at Jesus' death?
10/23 Since I Corinthians 14:7 mentions instruments, doesn't that justify instrumental music in the worship?
10/23 How do you know if someone likes you?
10/30 How do I know if I'm doing what God wants me to do?
10/30 But you did nothing to refute Catholic claims.
10/30 How do I find someone to marry?
10/30 Do we have to do penance?
10/31 Do brain region sizes or pheromones prove homosexuality is genetic?
10/31 Do you have other material on an elder's children being faithful?
11/02 What do you think God is telling me?
11/02 My husband left his third wife for reasons other than fornication. What do I do?
11/03 Can a Christian be involved in distributing contraceptives if it will reduce the number of abortions?
11/04 Does the Bible teach that you don't have to congregate to go to heaven?
11/04 "I don't think God is against a fellowship that can supply nutrition to visitors."
11/04 Why would you think that God would not forsake His own Son?
11/05 Who can give communion?
11/06 Why are there so many translations?
11/06 Didn't Paul say he could speak in the language of angels?
11/06 Wouldn't a New Testament church realize that we are our brothers' keepers?
11/08 Is the oil to be bought in Matthew 25:1-13 the truth mentioned in Proverbs 23:23?
11/09 Does God exist outside of time and sees all of time at once?
11/09 Who were the scribes?
11/10 Why was Jesus offered vinegar on the cross?
11/10 What did Jesus mean by "green wood" and "dry wood?"
11/10 If you take off a condom and put a new one on what are the chances that she will get pregnant?
11/11 "I don't think you considered all the passages regarding the use of alcohol in the Old Testament"
11/11 Doesn't Genesis 4:14 prove that there were other people than just the descendants of Adam and Eve?
11/11 Can you pray for my friend who is on drugs?
11/12 Nebuchadnezzar's dream in Daniel is a good way to reach Muslims.
11/12 You don't really teach children about the stoning of Achan do you?
11/13 Is pornography a just cause for divorce that allows remarriage?
11/13 If two people commit fornication, should they be forced to marry?
11/14 Can I go to a show and sing along with the hymns that are being sung with instrumental music?
11/15 What do you think about a church funding a school or senior housing?
11/15 There are people talking, playing, and walking around during worship. Am I being too critical to say this is wrong?
11/17 Can a person remarry if their spouse commits adultery after the divorce?
11/19 I keep lapsing back into pornography and masturbation. Is there any hope for me?
11/19 Don't you realize that there would be no children if people didn't fornicate?
11/19 How did the correct books get added to the Bible?
11/20 Did the world governments do wrong attacking Afganistan?
11/30 Thank you for explaining so clearly why 'rapture' is not biblical
11/30 Is abortion wrong except in the case of rape?
11/30 Is cigar smoking wrong?
12/01 Should I go out for college basketball?
12/01 Can the preacher use his time to conduct a Bible class during the worship service?
12/01 "I don't think the Lord cares very much that I sleep with my boyfriend."
12/01 If a Christian commits adultery and dies without repenting of his sin, will he go to hell?
12/02 Can you help me with some arguments from a Messianic Jew?
12/02 What happens if we sin just before we die?
12/02 Who was Flavius Josephus?
12/02 Can a person with schizoaffective disorder truly have faith?
12/03 What does it mean when people say "God's will be done" or "Lord willing?"
12/04 Is phone sex grounds for a divorce?
12/04 Where do you start to gain faith?
12/04 What is meant by "nations" in Revelation?
12/05 Were sins rolled forward under the Old Law?
12/06 How do I honor my mother when we aren't getting along?
12/06 How do you grow in grace?
12/06 Would the Gentiles have been saved if the Jews had not rejected Jesus?
12/06 Does Revelation 2:17 mean we will have a new name in heaven?
12/07 My almost 18 year old daughter appears to be seeing a lesbian. What can I do?
12/07 Do the Sabbath and dietary laws remain because God doesn't change?
12/07 Should a 30 year old man ask for a spanking?
12/08 Even if Jesus existed, why did he last eat herbs and fruit?
12/08 Is Semiramis a myth or a fact?
12/08 Why did Paul say he handed over Hymenaeus and Alexander to Satan?
12/08 My wife and I are drifting apart and I don't know what to do.
12/09 Should I leave my controlling husband?
12/10 Where can I find the early church father's writings and evidence that Jesus lived and died?
12/10 Do you have more thoughts on the issue of dress in the worship?
12/10 Because of drugs, I'm hearing voices in my head. Do you know of any herbs which might help?
12/14 Can you explain the three glories found in I Corinthians 15:41-43?
12/14 The Bible mentions other books, doesn't that prove the Bible to be incomplete?
12/14 Doesn't prophecy require an interpreter?
12/15 Could Hegesippus have been mistaken and John was sent to Patmos in A.D. 70?
12/15 Is Jeremiah 16:2 telling me not to marry the woman I love?
12/15 "Out-of-Body experiences have to be true because I experienced them."
12/15 "I disagree with the idea that Satan can't put thoughts directly into someone's head."
12/15 "You don't know the true reasons why I don't attend!"
12/16 "You don't understand the Catholic Church's teachings."
12/16 Aren't your warnings against the Salvation Army going to cause more harm than good?
12/18 In regards to my income, what are the firstfruits that I must give to God?
12/18 I've committed adultery and I don't know where to begin picking of the pieces of my shattered marriage.
12/19 My wife left me six weeks ago and I am at my wits end.
12/20 Is it wrong to raise dogs for fighting?
12/21 "The Roman Catholic church doesn't evolve, it realigns itself with the past."
12/23 Why doesn't God restore my hearing?
12/27 How can I help my family now that the insurance funds are running low?
12/28 Do I need to renew my vows with my current husband since my former husband has died?
12/28 How did Simeon and Levi manage to wipe out Shechem?
12/28 One of my boys is starting to wet his pants when I give him a spanking. What should I do?
12/28 Let me give you a reality story of the problems I see.
12/29 Do you think it's a sin not to go to church?
12/29 Does a divorce because of forced sex in marriage allow for remarriage?
12/29 Can't instruments be an aid to singing?
12/29 What Scripture is most useful to challenge an atheist?
12/30 Should corporal punishment be allowed in schools?
12/30 Did the folded napkin in John 20:7 mean Jesus was coming back?
12/31 Can a church choose men to lead when there are no elders?
12/31 "Mormonism is the restoration of all things"

Unless otherwise noted, all answers were written by Jeff Hamilton.