Answers to Questions in 2007

Below is a record of answers given to past questions.

01/01 Should I spank my boys for breaking a window?
01/01 My sexual relationship with my husband is awful, how do I fix the problem?
01/03 Should I get baptized again?
01/04 Is it a sin to view naked girls?
01/05 What do you think about the New Living Translation?
01/06 Why does a good person come down with cancer?
01/07 What do you know about the Kenites?
01/08 Must a woman bear children to be saved?
01/10 Am I no longer a virgin if my boyfriend touched certain areas?
01/10 Why do boys act as they do?
01/11 Can you help? I'm feeling overwhelmed.
01/11 What does "anointing him with oil" mean?
01/13 "You web site is very well done."
01/13 Can a woman teach a man in private?
01/13 "Your site has help me understand God's intention for sex."
01/14 Is it wrong for a married couple to record themselves having sex?
01/14 Did Jonah learn the lessons God taught him?
01/14 Is the church or Israel the bride of Christ?
01/14 What is the purpose of dreams?
01/14 May Christians make use of denominationally sponsored preschools?
01/15 Should we pray for Satan's salvation?
01/15 Why are so many churches of Christ so small?
01/16 Are you still a virgin after anal sex?
01/16 Are the writings of women a form of teaching men?
01/18 Isn't Acts 2:38 and Matthew 26:28 different in some Greek texts?
01/19 We're thinking about getting married, so how do I get him to be honest with himself?
01/21 Why are some demons rebuked and others cast out?
01/21 Which women were considered liturgical dancers?
01/22 Did I have the right to remarry?
01/22 Why did God put the forbidden tree in the garden?
01/22 How can you judge others?
01/24 Should a member be disciplined for divorcing his wife?
01/24 Could I get pregnant if the condom leaked?
01/25 What is the meaning of the biblical word "korah?"
01/25 How is it possible to fall from grace if you can't lose your salvation?
01/25 Do Christians experience temporal judgments?
01/26 How do I get forgiveness for having sex with a prostitute?
01/26 Did the disciples receive the Holy Spirit at the last supper or on Pentecost?
01/26 After a person becomes a Christian, can they live as they please?
01/27 Thank you for helping to defend my beliefs against Mormonism
01/27 Isn't the best way to preserve something is to hid it?
01/28 I think you misunderstood the vision of the tree of life in the Book of Mormon.
01/28 Since Jesus returns with the saints, doesn't this mean there will be a rapture first?
01/28 Why do I feel like I don't deserve to be cleansed?
01/30 I have had sex without being married and I'm scared that I will go to hell because of it, what can I do?
01/30 I'm getting interested in a girl, do you have any advice?
01/31 Why is Jude 9 linked to Zechariah 3:2?
01/31 Why can't I get pregnant by my boyfriend?
01/31 When was the great flood?
02/02 Is thinking about sin a sin?
02/04 Should a repeated adulterer be dismissed from the ministry?
02/04 Do you have a list of verses opposing the idea of once saved, always saved?
02/04 What do you think about predestination and free-will?
02/05 How do I convince an atheist to believe in the Bible?
02/08 If a person commits fornication before marriage while engaged, does that effect a later marriage?
02/08 Could you provide Spanish text?
02/08 Where in the Old Testament does it say to honor others more than yourself?
02/08 Wasn't Abraham's offering of Isaac because of pagan beliefs?
02/08 "I find your site wonderful!"
02/08 Was my husband saved at his first or second baptism?
02/09 Why don't you use the King James Version?
02/09 Do you know of a source for children studies on the Internet?
02/09 Does the blessing of wine outweigh its dangers?
02/10 How do we handle sexual intimacy when my husband has diabetes?
02/11 Why is it a sin to be gay?
02/11 Are Gentiles also descendants of Abraham?
02/11 Does the New Covenant require confirmation?
02/11 Did Pharaoh die in the Red Sea or just his army?
02/11 What are the advantages and disadvantages of a broken marriage?
02/11 Why must the Lord's Supper be taken every week?
02/12 Is a preacher an employee of the church?
02/12 Where does Micah say that God asks us to be fair and just?
02/12 Does a congregation have the right to mandate what is preached?
02/13 My 28-year-old son is very accusatory. How do I handle the situation?
02/13 Who were the sons of God in Genesis 6:4?
02/13 I really appreciate your article "The Institution of Marriage"
02/13 Is it okay to listen to secular music?
02/13 Why do I feel so disconnected after making the sign of the cross?
02/13 The Moabites and Amorites refer to which country?
02/13 Was the Ethiopian eunuch baptized in a pool or a river?
02/13 Can a woman be a pastor?
02/13 Which Bible is the true Word of God?
02/14 What if a person can't afford the fee for a baptismal service?
02/15 Is a head covering needed for all prayers or only during worship?
02/16 What am I going to do tomorrow?
02/16 Does the use of unique words in I Corinthians 11 change the meaning of this passage?
02/16 How many people did Jesus raise from the dead during his earthly ministry?
02/17 Do you perpetuate the myth of Santa Claus?
02/17 Getting back to basics
02/17 What did Jesus mean by "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me"?
02/17 I am confused about premillennial theory
02/17 Can you help me figure out the reigns of the kings of Israel and Judah?
02/17 Is it wrong to work at McDonalds or sell Twinkies?
02/18 I'm planning to get married and we are already having sex, so can we continue until marriage?
02/18 Would you explain what apologetic writing is?
02/19 I stole money from my aunt. Should I ask for a spanking?
02/19 How do I know which church is the one the Lord intended? And what about the Eucharist being the real body and blood?
02/19 "You can't be saved unless you become an Israelite"
02/20 Should families with small children sit in the back pews?
02/20 What is the difference between a birthright and a blessing as in the story of Esau and Jacob?
02/20 If is wrong to use instrumental music because the New Testament doesn't mention it, then it would be wrong to use electricity.
02/20 What does lasciviousness mean?
02/21 What would you tell an eldership who rejects a preacher because his wife wears a head covering?
02/22 How can you talk to someone who constantly twists the Bible?
02/22 Any suggestions regarding dating?
02/23 Do miracles happen everyday?
02/23 If someone is born blind and deaf and never is able to hear the gospel or read, will they be lost?
02/23 Has anyone compiled a list of how much the Israelites were to give?
02/24 Does "disciple" refer to the apostles or all of Jesus' followers?
02/25 Any suggestions for handling an angry member?
02/25 Where is the ancient city of Babylon located today?
02/25 Is it wrong to pay a preacher?
02/26 What do I need to know to become a preacher's wife?
02/27 Were the offerings in Numbers 28 and 29 individual or national offerings?
02/27 How can I be assured God will forgive me?
02/28 What do you think about this Jesus tomb found in Jerusalem?
02/28 Why is pornography so addictive and how can I help someone stop looking at porn?
02/28 My girlfriend and I mutually masturbated. What is the chance that she is pregnant?
03/02 What would be a good translation for children?
03/02 Why did God allow polygamy under the Old Testament?
03/02 Does "Jehovah" always refer to the Father?
03/02 Is acupuncture acceptable?
03/02 Is viewing pornography wrong when you are married?
03/02 Doubts about possibly blaspheming the Holy Spirit
03/04 What are your thoughts on the silence of the Scriptures?
03/04 Why is there a "-;" in Exodus 32:32?
03/04 Shouldn't Saturday be the Lord's Day?
03/04 Did King Asa go to Heaven?
03/04 Is the only sin to be repented of is the sin of murdering Jesus?
03/04 What was the last miracle performed in the Bible?
03/05 "Thanks so much for having a web site that teaches straight from the Bible."
03/05 Should people dress up for church?
03/05 What should a new congregation be called?
03/05 Should I tell my mother what I have done, knowing that it will lead to a spanking?
03/06 If I am just not able to get out, can I worship at home?
03/06 Did Moses go to heaven?
03/07 What is death like?
03/07 "We fail terribly if we consume animals."
03/08 Does I Timothy 2:11-12 only apply to the assembly?
03/08 What about the child born from an incestuous relation?
03/09 Is it a sin not to attend Wednesday night Bible study?
03/09 Should a child be warned about bad adults?
03/12 I had sex out of wedlock, what do I do?
03/12 How do I teach my girlfriend about music and partaking of the Lord's Supper?
03/12 How did your Bible come into existence?
03/12 Do you have to know that baptism is for the remission of sins in order to be forgiven?
03/13 While I am not a Christian, I respect your willingness to use the whole Bible.
03/13 I left the Lord, but now that I returned, will God accept me?
03/13 Is it acceptable to take the Lord's Supper at the evening service?
03/13 Your web site is wonderful.
03/15 How do you handle a 16 year old who acts like a 5 year old when it comes to a spanking?
03/15 Questions about the Battle of Jericho
03/15 What is needed in a deacon's wife?
03/16 What are your top five words of advice for newlyweds?
03/17 What does the word "perfect" mean in I Corinthians 13:10?
03/17 Is there no salvation outside the church?
03/17 Who should we worship: God, the Father, or Jesus Christ?
03/17 Why did Jesus ignore the Canaanite woman?
03/17 What about the argument that "for the remission of your sins" is plural and refers back to repentance in Acts 2:38?
03/18 If God told Satan to lie, then isn't it OK for us to lie?
03/19 Can a man lust after his own wife?
03/19 Have you read the whole Bible and memorized Scriptures?
03/19 Can the Bible be understood by the common man?
03/19 Didn't God tell someone to lie in I Kings 22?
03/20 How can I serve God when I am so angry at Him?
03/20 Who promised to sacrifice the first thing he saw if he won a battle?
03/20 If Jesus is God, how is it that he had a body?
03/20 How do I handle a daughter who chooses her boyfriend over her parents?
03/20 Is divorce still valid for adultery?
03/21 I don't feel like attending Wednesday night Bible class. Do you think it is a sin?
03/22 Wouldn't wine need to be fortified in order to be used as starter fluid?
03/22 In order to repent, do you need to find the people to whom you set a bad example?
03/23 Do the elders and preachers constitute the church in decisions?
03/23 If evil comes from within, what difference does it make if there is a devil?
03/24 Even though there is falsehood in an article, can't you read it to find some truth buried in it?
03/24 Is it right for my step-father to spank me at 20 years of age?
03/24 Does the command for a woman not to teach only apply to the assembly?
03/24 Can a Christian swear an oath on a Bible?
03/24 How many gifts did the early Christians receive from the Holy Spirit?
03/24 Are there medicinal foods?
03/24 Why was Moses called?
03/25 Can I remarry even though I also committed adultery?
03/26 Why should we forgive?
03/26 What was the church used for in the 14th century besides religious activities?
03/26 Why was the Song of Songs written?
03/27 Where can I learn about Paul's work?
03/28 Isn't it better to embrace the Salvation Army as part of God's gift to humanity?
03/28 How do you honor your widowed stepmother?
03/29 When did Adam, Eve, and the Bible come into existence?
03/31 Do I have to make restitution?
03/31 Who decided we should give 10% each week?
03/31 Do I spank my child for telling me off?
03/31 Didn't Joel say that young men would dream dreams?
03/31 Is repentance all I need to do to be saved?
03/31 Why does Psalm 104:8 read so differently in different translations?
03/31 Can Satan hear our internal prayers?
04/01 If we didn't inherit Adam's sin, why aren't we all starting in the garden of Eden?
04/01 How can dances at a wedding reception be bad?
04/01 Can you be forgiven after blaspheming?
04/01 Do people physically go to heaven or hell?
04/02 Could you help me explain to my girlfriend that speaking in tongues has ended?
04/02 A "thank you" regarding an article on marriage.
04/02 "I really enjoy your web site."
04/02 Does an elder need to step down if one of his children falls away?
04/03 What is the difference between being saved and delivered?
04/03 Who was Herodias' daughter?
04/03 How can I teach my grandfather?
04/04 Is loving each other at the age of 17 right or wrong?
04/04 Is it wrong to perform masturbation and petting?
04/04 How do I spank my three boys?
04/04 Problems with dating and job search
04/05 Could you clarify why you say we don't inherit Adam's sin?
04/06 What is the Book of Jashar?
04/06 Should a child's personality be considered when disciplining?
04/06 Can a woman lead prayers at home when her husband is present?
04/07 What were the professions of the twelve apostles?
04/07 Why did Ruth uncover Boaz's feet?
04/07 The reason for the silly questions regarding spanking is because some people are annoyed at you.
04/07 What is the eternal covenant?
04/09 Can you explain the issue of divorce and remarriage more?
04/09 Could you explain the vow Paul took at Cenchrea?
04/09 Do the gospels contradict each other regarding Jesus' empty tomb?
04/11 What did Leah's son find that Rachel wanted?
04/11 If there is no inherited sin, then wouldn't this leave a possibility for a person to live a sinless life?
04/12 Why did God kill many people in the Old Testament?
04/12 Why won't God heal amputees?
04/12 Where does the Bible say doctors won't know what they are healing?
04/12 Where does the Bible parallel the use of the laver to baptism?
04/13 Since I had unmarried sex, should I remain single?
04/13 Doesn't Rahab's example prove that lying is acceptable in some situations?
04/13 Can you recommend books on the topic of miraculous gifts for today?
04/13 Are you a part of the "Church of Christ" denomination?
04/13 If I sexually sinned when I was single, will I do the same when I am married?
04/16 Why was Jesus in the grave for three days?
04/17 What does God say about respect for life and His creation?
04/17 Isn't it a contradiction when God changed His mind about the eating of animals?
04/18 If the church isn't a social organization, then how are the needy cared for?
04/19 What is the law in Romans 7?
04/20 Should the current eldership select additional elders?
04/21 How are prayers handled when a woman's husband is not a Christian?
04/21 Is quantum physics Christian?
04/21 Is the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, by Joseph Murphy, Christian?
04/21 The man I am seeing is married. How do I fix this problem?
04/22 When are examples binding?
04/23 Does the fig tree refer to Israel?
04/24 Thank you for the notes on the Parable of the Unjust Steward
04/24 Did you hear that the Catholics voted away limbo?
04/24 Would it be wrong to accept a donation from a non-member?
04/24 Do you have pictures of the eight symbols of the Holy Spirit?
04/24 Did Isaac come off of the mountain with Abraham after the sacrifice of the ram?
04/25 Who are the 144,000?
04/26 Isn't there a distinction between the 144,000 and the great multitude?
04/26 Do you have advice for a young Christian going into military service?
04/26 What were the priest and the Levite's duties?
04/26 Isn't the raising of animals disrespectful of the animal's life?
04/27 Why would a boy take pictures of me?
04/27 I truly appreciate your web site.
04/27 I wanted you to know your web site helped me a lot.
04/28 Do you think God created one special person for you?
04/28 Is looking at pornography fornication?
04/28 Can a man divorce his wife for not having sex with him?
04/28 Did God approve of concubines?
04/28 How can I make my 17 year old daughter understand lying makes me distrust her?
04/29 Is there any biblical support for war?
04/29 Is giving to the church optional?
04/29 Are engagements required before a marriage can take place?
04/30 How do I stop my family from being influenced by a Mormon?
05/01 Did Jesus carry his cross?
05/01 Does everything happen as God designed it or is it all by coincidence?
05/02 Where can I find, "Be still and know that I am God?"
05/02 Could you give a sample prayer for the Lord's Supper?
05/02 "Spirits surround us at all times."
05/02 Is having sex while a woman is having her period a sin?
05/03 What will our spiritual bodies be like?
05/03 How does God influence us?
05/04 Is it bad to want to see my parents lose everything so they can learn to lean on God?
05/04 Could you explain the different translations of Psalm 51:5 in detail?
05/05 Could you explain the phrase, "consider the lilies?"
05/05 How can a nine year old get a girl?
05/05 "I believe Jesus was married and had a son."
05/06 "I don't think lust necessarily leads to sexual sin."
05/07 If there are no sound churches in my area, should I worship with a liberal one?
05/08 How do you make friends?
05/08 What is wrong with pipe smoking?
05/09 Where does the Bible say that some believed, but would not follow?
05/09 How could people live to be so old?
05/10 Does a preacher need to give?
05/10 Could you explain this answer I got concerning Acts 2:38?
05/10 Can you explain what it means that the sins of the fathers are put on the children?
05/11 Don't consequences still follow after forgiveness?
05/12 Is romantic love a duty or an emotional thing?
05/12 Did Abraham visit prostitutes?
05/13 Can I use your material to help teach a preacher who has gone astray?
05/13 What is this business about "anti," "liberal," and "sound?"
05/14 What is the function of a pastor?
05/14 Did Hophni and Phinehas believe in God?
05/17 How do we decide what offices in Ephesians 4:11 remain?
05/17 Should I be friends with an annoying person?
05/17 Should a Christian serve in the military?
05/17 Do you think a Protestant and Catholic can marry?
05/18 Does Psalm 58:3 show that at least some children are born sinful?
05/18 How do you make an interesting conversation?
05/19 What is the purpose of life?
05/19 What is the Redeemed Christian Church of God?
05/19 What does personal accountability mean?
05/19 How long did Jephthah rule Israel?
05/20 "Mormons believe almost everyone will go to heaven."
05/20 How can a husband and wife be equal when the husband has rule over the wife?
05/20 Could you explain I Peter 1:1-5?
05/21 What is meant by the worship of angels?
05/21 "I was once in an orphans' home."
05/23 Does I Corinthians 16:1-4 apply to general collections?
05/24 Who are the two witnesses in Revelation?
05/24 How should I pray to grow bigger?
05/24 What can we do to maintain intimacy in the bedroom without sinning since we are not married?
05/25 I made out with a minor when I was young, how do I gain God's forgiveness for this?
05/26 Why was Saul hiding among the baggage?
05/26 If I go to confession, will I be completely forgiven of my sexual sins?
05/27 How can I follow God when He is so strict?
05/27 Wasn't Judas' problem betrayal and not suicide?
05/27 Is "Cleanliness is next to godliness" in the Bible?
05/28 Can a man go shirtless to church?
05/28 Why does God feel so distant to me?
05/29 Does God hate all adulterers and fornicators?
05/29 How can a parent spank a teenage athlete?
05/29 Can you get pregnant from oral sex?
05/29 If your sin is also a crime, should you turn yourself in when you repent?
05/30 How does a person become a new creation?
05/31 I don't feel right about a past event, how do I correct it?
05/31 What is wrong with Lutheranism?
06/02 How many James are there in the Bible?
06/02 Should a head covering be worn all the time?
06/03 Don't you know Israel will be saved after the fullness of the Gentiles is reached?
06/03 Can a young couple make a covenant even though their parent won't allow them to marry?
06/04 How does a non-parent give a spanking when asked by a parent?
06/04 What is the difference between a revival and a Gospel meeting?
06/05 What do you think about a woman who smokes pot while pregnant?
06/06 Should children contribute to the church?
06/07 Does the sycamore tree still have fruit today as it did in biblical times?
06/07 Are there sacrifices during the millennium?
06/08 Are you a Jehovah's Witnesses church?
06/08 Do children attend your worship services?
06/08 Does a prophet need to be an official minister before they can prophesy?
06/10 Is having a symbol of Christianity idolatry?
06/11 Should I trust in God for my healing and not seek the aid of a doctor?
06/13 Who was the giant with six fingers and toes?
06/13 Do women have menstrual pains because of Eve's sin?
06/13 Doesn't the observance of the Sabbath predate Israel?
06/13 What do you think about the International Standard Version?
06/14 What problems have you found in the ESV?
06/14 Why is Hong Kong calling the Bible indecent?
06/15 Is the commandment "You shall not kill" or "You shall not murder"?
06/17 Should I be suspicious of Filipino preachers soliciting support?
06/17 What is the significance to the number 40?
06/17 A reader who doesn't believe the gifts of the Spirit have ended.
06/17 What do you think about my statement of belief regarding the Lord's supper?
06/18 Was Balaam's donkey speaking in tongues?
06/19 Am I doing the right thing by getting baptized again after being baptized as a child?
06/19 Isn't the Nicene creed wrong and don't most Christians celebrate Christmas on the wrong day?
06/20 Why does your map show Israel in Egyptian territory when the Bible says they left Egypt?
06/20 Is it true that the purpose of baptism is not for salvation?
06/21 Do people know what is happening on earth after their death?
06/21 Is it wrong to have a fellowship building for dinners?
06/21 Did the woman at the well change her life?
06/21 How do I handle attending services when there are family outings planned?
06/22 Are speaking in tongues and prophesying similar gifts?
06/23 Why is Jesus said to be of Nazareth if he was born in Bethlehem and who was the serpent in the Garden?
06/24 Is killing animals limited to only when needed for skins and meat?
06/25 When and why did humans start eating meats?
06/25 What were the requirements to be a Pharisee?
06/26 Do you have a summary of John 6?
06/28 Should I marry the girl I got pregnant or the girl that I love?
06/28 What are my chances of being pregnant?
06/28 A rebuttal to "When is a child too old to spank?"
06/28 Three trivia questions
06/28 Was Luke a Gentile?
06/30 Now that I'm changing, people I know are taunting me. What do I do?
06/30 Were proselytes considered Jews?
06/30 How big was Jerusalem?
06/30 How many people were in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost?
06/30 Did the apostles speak in different languages or did the people hear in different languages?
07/02 Questions about Jesus
07/02 Are you born again?
07/02 Did Nehemiah rebuild the whole wall of Jerusalem or only parts of it?
07/07 What happens when you swear not to do something, but you do it anyway?
07/07 Can a married man have a female friend whom he prefers over his wife?
07/07 Am I married in the eyes of God?
07/08 Don't you feel guilty telling young people they have sinned?
07/09 Why do you quote from the Old Law?
07/11 Is masturbation a sin when it is not accompanied by pornography or sinful thoughts?
07/12 Who initiates grace, God or man?
07/12 Why do ministers hold a Bible during a wedding?
07/12 How does Philippians 3:10 relate to family?
07/12 Can you say more about Aramaic being used in the Bible?
07/14 Shouldn't circumcision be advocated for health reasons?
07/14 Can a seventeen year old conduct worship?
07/14 Could I have driven my friend away by talking about my faith?
07/14 Did Jesus return the donkey he used for the triumphal entry?
07/15 Will God hold me accountable for my son's sinful life?
07/16 If God makes them one, how can there be divorce for any reason?
07/17 How do I tell my cousin that Mormonism is wrong?
07/18 How do you fund your church?
07/18 Did you get some verses wrong concerning prayer?
07/20 Are pants, earrings, makeup, or Reggaeton music bad?
07/21 What type of Christian are you?
07/21 When was the Sanhedrin council convened?
07/22 Did Orson Pratt originate the idea that the Bible is unreliable?
07/22 Doesn't John 3:16 prove that you can be saved without baptism?
07/22 Where does the idea come from that at death your spirit goes to heaven to be with Jesus?
07/24 Where did the second set of Ten Commandments come from?
08/02 Should I attend my girlfriend's church if I think it teaches false doctrine?
08/02 Can you explain the gifts mentioned in Ephesians 4:11-16?
08/02 I have enjoyed your web site.
08/02 Is a woman still a virgin if a man's penis only goes in a little ways?
08/02 Comments about various answers on the topic of spanking.
08/03 Does Ephesians 6:18 teach that saints are to be intercessors between Christians and God?
08/03 Is reading the Bible the best place to start if you have never been religious?
08/04 Questions about James 1
08/04 Help in overcoming smoking
08/04 I just got baptized in Chicago.
08/04 If I divorce, do I lose my salvation?
08/04 How will I know that this is the girl God wants me to marry?
08/05 Should I get married now?
08/05 Can Satan put bad thoughts into your head?
08/05 Is there any significance to being 40 years old in the Bible
08/06 Do I have to work on Sundays if my boss demands it?
08/06 Do extraterrestrials exist?
08/07 What are your thoughts on how bad my marriage is?
08/07 Do people only become religious because they were indoctrinated at an early age?
08/09 Love the site.
08/09 Why didn't God allow Adam to eat of the Tree of Life?
08/09 What is the significance of fasting for twenty-one days?
08/10 Did God intend for Adam to have children before the fall?
08/10 Should I tell my boyfriend about my promiscuous past?
08/10 Questions about James 2
08/16 I appreciate your site
08/16 What was Jerusalem and Galilee like at the time of Jesus?
08/16 Is it a sin to lust after your own wife or husband?
08/17 What does it mean that we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren?
08/17 I appreciate the pictures
08/17 God won't send someone to hell just for pre-marital sex will He?
08/18 Is it right for a soldier to kill in war?
08/18 What does the Bible teach about dating and choosing a life partner?
08/18 Any suggestions for material to teach young people?
08/18 How do I get God to make me a slave to righteousness?
08/20 How can I go from feeling so much peace and joy to the exact opposite?
08/20 Questions about James 3
08/20 Does regeneration and being born again mean the same thing?
08/21 Thank you for the pictures
08/21 This information is excellent
08/22 My parent's debt is exhausting all of my savings. What am I to do?
08/24 What advice should we give our children in receiving a spanking?
08/24 How are you different from the International Church of Christ?
08/25 We took vows before God, isn't that enough to say we are married?
08/25 "God has revealed to me the names of sexual demons"
08/25 Must a Christian wife obey her non-Christian husband?
08/25 Must a man and woman face each other during sex?
08/25 What does "gnashing of teeth" refer to?
08/26 Questions about James 4
08/27 What was the climate like in the time of Jesus?
08/27 What is the most quoted Old Testament book in the New Testament?
08/27 Doesn't Isaiah 56:6-8 prove that God wanted non-Jews to keep the Sabbath?
08/27 Wasn't it just the special Sabbaths which were done way with in the New Testament?
08/27 What is your opinion about instrumental music in the church?
08/27 Is Michael the archangel and Jesus the same person?
08/28 Since a sin offering was required, is masturbation a sin?
08/29 The spankings don't seem to be working, what should I do?
08/29 Did people normally tie a scarlet cord on a twin at birth?
08/29 "I found the sermon on emotionalism uplifting."
08/29 What were the duties of a king?
08/29 Since man was given dominion, does that justify dog fighting?
08/29 What was the significance of Samson killing the lion and eating honey from its carcass?
08/30 How did Saul actually die?
08/30 What is pride?
08/31 How do you explain Matthew 24:27-31?
08/31 "The sins of Sodom were not homosexual."
09/02 Your series on "pride" has been very helpful
09/02 What does seven "times" mean in Daniel 4?
09/03 Were only priests allowed to offer sacrifices?
09/03 I really appreciate your words on the Fear of the Lord
09/04 How did Paul learn the gospel?
09/04 When and to whom was the Savior first promised?
09/06 Am I being selfish asking my wife for sex after having an emotional affair with another woman?
09/06 I have problems in my youth group. What should I do?
09/07 Is looking at another person and noting they are beautiful a form of lust?
09/07 One of the peopleyou have counseled on the phone contacted me.
09/07 Does Christian love demand a willingness to lay down your life for a friend?
09/08 Is Jesus, the Father, and the Spirit three manifestations of the same one Spirit?
09/08 Jesus only followed Judaism because he was born in it. Doesn't Jesus want his followers to remain in whatever religion they were born into?
09/08 Is it wrong to enter into a relationship at the age of 19?
09/09 Someone said I wasn't doing my duty as a preacher because I'm not always out on the street preaching. What do you think?
09/10 Should you bleed more after sex?
09/11 Who is Gallio, mentioned in Acts 18:12?
09/11 What can I do about my wife's friends telling her not to trust me?
09/11 Is it okay to leave the number of swats open ended?
09/11 I've had sex. I don't believe in God. So you probably hate me, but that's a sin too.
09/12 I would like to ask you about the book of Galatians and Paul.
09/13 What does "Who is Abimelech, and who is Shechem?" mean?
09/14 If a couple in their second marriage have children, can the preacher make them get a divorce?
09/14 We enjoyed a visit to your web site.
09/14 Have you studied the Bible from an academic point of view as a historical document of several communities making sense of God in their time of crisis?
09/14 Do you think I'm too old to be spanked?
09/16 Can you discuss "gut feelings?"
09/22 I've stopped having sex with my girlfriend, but now my parents are trying to force us to break up. What do I do?
09/23 Are your answers available in book form?
09/24 Your statement that a husband can't rape his wife really bothered me.
09/26 What happens if you disobey the Bible?
09/26 My parents don't like my boyfriend. What should I do?
09/26 Where does the Bible say the priesthood is given to all men?
09/26 Your site is a help to me.
09/27 Where does it say that only members of the church of Christ will go to heaven?
09/27 "Tell the truth, that Alcoholics' Anonymous works."
09/27 I became a Christian and am improving, but my family is lashing out against me. What do I do?
09/28 We suspect our daughter is stealing, but she hasn't been caught. Any words of wisdom?
09/29 Thanks for the notes on "The Three Chairs"
09/29 How does Satan know with what to tempt us?
09/30 Aren't there more examples of Paul preaching on the Sabbath than on the first day of the week?
10/01 You might find interesting that the Amish in our county recently divided over the use of tractors.
10/01 "Mixing Scriptures with lectures about sex is ridiculous."
10/01 What is the creed book for the Salvation Army?
10/02 My wife says she forgives me, but she doesn't trust me. What do I do?
10/02 Your home page took me aback.
10/03 Did Peter always believe that Jesus was the Christ?
10/03 Is it a sin for church members to watch tv shows like "Dancing with the Stars?"
10/03 I want to commend you on your stand for Christ.
10/04 When Christ spoke, "It is finished" and died on that cross, at that moment is when the New Covenant took place?
10/04 "You are not supposed to judge and you did."
10/04 Can you help me answer some arguments that baptism isn't necessary?
10/05 My fiance and I have been trying to have a baby for a month. Is something wrong?
10/05 What is a jot and a tittle?
10/06 Can you give me some advice on how to share the Gospel?
10/08 What happened to your site?
10/08 Can a person remarry if they divorced for more reasons than just fornication?
10/08 How do I go about signing up to do the studies?
10/08 If Daniel was the third ruler in Babylon, who were the first two?
10/10 What were the requirements for being member of the Sanhedrin?
10/12 What do you think about the emerging church movement?
10/12 Your information on the New International Version is totally wrong.
10/19 Are there warnings about believing you are the only denomination going to heaven?
10/19 Can a woman's womb be reopen?
10/20 I don't think you proved Paul to be an apostle.
10/20 Is the covering in I Corinthians 11 an article of clothing?
10/21 Doesn't Matthew 5:27-28 only apply to married people?
10/21 Why would the Sadducees bother claiming to be religious?
10/22 Why did you only say "probably true?"
10/22 Can family hurt instead of help?
10/22 Why is grape juice a part of the Lord's Supper?
10/22 Are there any other mentions of the saints rising from the dead at Jesus' death?
10/23 What is the Christian's Sabbath?
10/23 Does the Bible say when Mary realized she was pregnant?
10/24 Thank you for this article on head covering.
10/24 Should I divorce to get peace back into my life?
10/24 I didn't handle an argument with my brother over the movies he lets my nephew watch. Do you have some advice?
10/24 Is God bound by time?
10/24 Explain the book of Proverbs
10/24 Was Judas at the Last Supper?
10/27 Do you know of any good books on how we got our Bible?
10/27 If you're praying for something and believe you have received it, what if it's not what God wants?
10/27 What is meant when Paul said we are by nature children of wrath?
10/27 In the Book of Revelation, when is Christ coming back on a cloud, before or after the tribulation?
10/28 Can you help with a Women's Day theme around Proverbs 15:1?
10/31 Will my children go to hell because they turned against me?
10/31 "Thank you for your time and effort"
10/31 How did light reach the earth from the stars when God created the world?
10/31 How do I get my boyfriend to be honest with me instead of hiding things like his occasional drug use?
11/01 Could someone who was abusing drugs and died of an overdose be in heaven?
11/01 Can you get an STD from anal sex without a condom?
11/02 What is the status of a person who married a person who had no right to marry, but later divorced that person?
11/02 I just wanted to commend you for your information
11/02 You shouldn't be so negative.
11/03 Which book is the oldest in the Bible?
11/03 Excellent article on drugs
11/03 Why do you say the New World Translation is not a reliable translation?
11/04 Why do Christians call Jesus the Son of God?
11/05 Your article on animals will help me in a debate in my philosophy class. Thanks!
11/06 Who was the person who ask God to roll back time?
11/06 Is it right to feel that my parents are sucking the life out of me?
11/07 Does God forgive Christians that commit fornication and sexual immorality?
11/08 Should I reconcile with my ex-husband who is addicted to marijuana?
11/08 Is it right to marry a non-Christian if she is willing to convert?
11/08 Please explain the "baptism of fire."
11/09 Is it wrong to date someone you find unattractive and whose spiritual views you don't like?
11/09 One of my kids in my youth group is into porn, but I don't know what to do.
11/12 Why does Jesus sound harsh in Matthew 10:34-36?
11/12 What does the Bible tell us about Matthew's life?
11/13 How can I convince a friend that baptism is required for salvation?
11/14 Did Domitian persecute Christians?
11/14 Am I supposed to try to convince my husband to stay with me?
11/14 When did evening worship services start?
11/15 Can you suggest how a new Christian can handle hecklers?
11/16 How should we take care of orphans?
11/17 If we are to keep all the commandments, shouldn't this include Exodus 20?
11/17 How do you feel about giving non-monetary aid directly to a congregation?
11/18 Why did it take 35-40 years to write the Gospels?
11/20 Is it a sin not to eat meat?
11/20 Finding your site through an email newsletter, I found some of your articles to be very good
11/21 Why shouldn't the Lord's Supper be served again for late comers?
11/24 Can you help me understand who were the people with similar names?
11/26 What did Jesus mean by "eat my flesh and drink my blood?"
11/29 Should I divorce my husband over something that happened twelve years ago?
12/01 Does true faith mean the command to be baptized does not save a person?
12/01 Why were men in Jesus' day required to have beards and not shave?
12/01 Can you make some recommendations for a computer for a 14-year-old?
12/03 What is the Christian's response to postmodernism?
12/03 How do I explain the second coming?
12/03 I feel so sorry for my ex-husband. Am I responsible for the mess?
12/06 How do you handle people trying to pull you into their problems?
12/06 Is it a sin to have sex with my ex-husband?
12/06 I think I'm getting too caught up in the "doing" parts of being a Christian. How can I improve?
12/09 Should I worship with a group that I think is teaching error in order to teach them the truth?
12/11 "I laugh at your excuses that marriage is important in reference to the prevention of a sexually transmitted disease."
12/11 What do you think about the World Bible School?
12/11 How can we be children of God and slaves of God at the same time?
12/11 What is the difference between a Greek and a Gentile?
12/12 What happened between Israel and Edom to cause Amaziah to invade them?
12/13 Should the church building be used for weddings or funerals?
12/15 What does 'Name it and Claim it" mean?
12/15 Who was the only man in the Bible forbidden to marry?
12/16 Is the Devil the apple that Adam and Eve ate?
12/16 Isn't it true that Jesus did not have to eat the Passover lamb because he had no sin?
12/16 How are the churches of Christ so similar to our beliefs?
12/17 Is the correct way to ask God for help is "if you are willing?"
12/18 Appreciation
12/18 Are we sinning whenever we don't think about God?
12/20 Is Sunday the only day of worship or can we worship God any day?
12/20 Is there a distinction between forgiveness and redemption?
12/21 What is the history behind the articles on head covering?
12/22 Is it right for my wife to live apart without divorcing me?
12/22 By what name shall we address the Father?
12/22 Are the new heaven and new earth been already made or will it be created in the future?
12/22 Why wasn't Naomi concerned that her daughters-in-law might marry ungodly men?
12/23 I can't seem to stop thinking about sinful things. What can I do?
12/24 "The spirit cannot be God"
12/24 Why did John call Jesus the Messiah and then later ask if he was the one?
12/26 "It seems obvious to me that Nicolaitans refers to the clergy system in the Roman Catholic church."
12/26 What is meant by "one will be left and the other taken"?
12/27 Will God forgive me if I continue to sin?
12/27 How can I overcome my evil thoughts even though I am Christian already?
12/27 Why follow God's word when we can lean on salvation andbe covered for a disobedient life and be forgiven anyway?
12/27 What if the husband is convinced of the head covering, but his wife isn't?
12/28 Your article on homosexuality was a little harsh, but it's dead on.
12/28 Who wrote the second set of tablets?
12/28 Is it sinful to download movies or songs from the Internet?
12/29 Is life not meant to be enjoyed?
12/30 I've been sleeping with my fiance. I know it is wrong, but will God still love me?
12/31 Which one are you in The Revelations of Saint Bridget of Sweden?

Unless otherwise noted, all answers were written by Jeff Hamilton.