Answers to Questions in 2006

Below is a record of answers given to past questions.

01/01 How do I stop my daughters from stealing?
01/02 Was Jesus ever long winded?
01/02 What needs to happen if I want to be saved?
01/06 Why don't you use the Book of Enoch?
01/07 My wife no longer has a desire for sex. What do I do?
01/10 Is oral sex before marriage ok?
01/10 How do you get over the embarrassment of spanking a teenager?
01/11 Who rules the world, God or Satan?
01/11 Can you repent from your sins right before you die and still go to heaven?
01/11 How can you take up a cross and follow Christ today?
01/11 How could Jesus be in the grave three days and nights if he died on Friday and rose on Sunday?
01/12 My wife and I aren't talking any more. What do I do?
01/15 Did I go too far in spanking my daughter?
01/16 Am I being too controlling?
01/17 What is my responsibility when I know that a person is sinning within the church?
01/17 Where did Jesus carry his own cross?
01/17 Can you answer some questions about Satan and Hell?
01/17 Are we all descendants of Adam and Eve and all related?
01/17 What was before the heavens and earth? Where does God come from?
01/18 Do you have any information on Jesus' childhood?
01/19 How can past sexual abuses be dealt with today?
01/19 Did God create the earth without a shape and then later give its current shape?
01/20 Are lectureships scriptural?
01/20 Can a church organize tasks without elders?
01/20 Could you explain Proverbs 26:3 and 19:29?
01/20 A series of questions about spanking
01/21 What does the Bible say about credit cards?
01/21 How were the nations scattered and was the world one continent, divided in the days of Peleg?
01/22 Is everything in the Bible applicable today?
01/23 Do you know of sources regarding "demon possession" in the Middle Ages?
01/23 When did the Devil fall?
01/23 Should those assigned tasks in the church have titles?
01/24 I think your translation of Nicolaitan is incorrect
01/24 Is shaving pubic hair wrong?
01/24 Just because the Book of Mormon contains errors, it doesn't make it doctrinally wrong
01/26 How did you locate Pi Hahiroth, Migdol, and Baal Zephron?
01/26 How do you explain that the church is the pillar and ground of the truth?
01/27 Do angels preach?
01/27 I believe that once we are saved, nothing can cause us to lose our salvation
01/28 Can you explain the Parable of the Unjust Steward in Luke 16:1-9?
02/03 Did Jesus know he would die by crucifixion in advance?
02/06 What does God do if you make a deal with Him and don't keep it?
02/06 If a Mormon or a Jehovah's Witness comes to the door, should I shake their hand?
02/11 Is God limited?
02/11 I think Jesus did defend David in Matthew 12:4
02/16 Should a preacher be referred to as "reverend?"
02/16 If a person doesn't want to live, why is suicide wrong?
02/17 Proof that Israel wasn't afflicted for 400 years?
03/01 A reader thinks my ideas on child rearing are sick.
03/01 A reader who doesn't like my Bible knowledge.
03/02 What is "mutual edification?"
03/02 If a country permits polygamy, is there a biblical reason not to have multiple wives?
03/03 A reader who thinks spanking is both cruel and too simplistic
03/05 Is there a set time for someone to die?
03/06 What can the church do for widows?
03/07 Who dug numerous wells that were taken from him?
03/08 "Thanks for your answer, but I believe in a different God"
03/09 Could I have gotten her pregnant?
03/10 How do I get my child to be honest with me?
03/10 What was the Sea of Bronze?
03/11 My boyfriend has been seeing prostitutes. What should I do?
03/12 Should Christians fast?
03/12 How do you avoid sexual immorality?
03/13 Did Jesus believe in life after death?
03/13 If divorce is allowed, then shouldn't polygamy be allowed?
03/13 God gave what of Balaam the ability to speak?
03/13 What should I do with my husband who is living in adultery?
03/13 What does it mean to die in vain?
03/14 Why do people have to die?
03/15 What is a Christian's responsibility to his parents?
03/15 If a man gets a woman pregnant, must they marry?
03/17 I've repented, so why am I suffering?
03/17 Can there be circumstances when cosigning a loan will be all right?
03/17 Does God put more weight on moral law and less on ceremonial law?
03/18 Are there dangers to masturbating?
03/18 How can you trust early Christian writers when you disagree with them on some topics?
03/18 A reader who believes the only reason polygamy is condemned is because the "church" condemns it.
03/19 "God wouldn't allow His creation to kill each other."
03/20 Who made the discoveries regarding oceanic springs and innumerable stars?
03/20 Would my husband have crossed the line by having sex with another guy because he is a cross dresser?
03/22 In Galatians 5:12, is Paul actually wishing that some would emasculate themselves?
03/22 "Thanks for the article on Barabbas."
03/23 "Thank you for answering issues about the 'Iraq' email."
03/23 What do Mormons teach about family relationships?
03/24 What do you think about Coptic Orthodoxy?
03/24 How do you handle a manipulative girl?
03/27 Does the word "forever" in Ecclesiastes 1:4 mean "everlasting?"
03/27 Where can I find information about the falling of Jericho's walls?
03/27 Where can I find an article on how homosexuality is not a part of a Christian's lifestyle?
03/28 Is Judaism Calvinistic?
03/28 Can you explain some apparent contradictions in the Gospel accounts?
04/01 What is honor and respect?
04/01 Did King Jehoshaphat remove the high places or not?
04/02 Is my daughter's craftiness a self-esteem issue?
04/03 My boyfriend and I plan to get married so is oral sex wrong in our situation?
04/03 How do you honor an abusive parent?
04/04 Will my daughter's moodiness go away?
04/04 Who were the first two disciples?
04/04 Where can I find a head covering?
04/04 Have you heard about Kim Clement?
04/06 When Jesus comes again, who will be raised?
04/06 How many promises can be found in the Bible?
04/06 What is the history of the "Church of Christ?"
04/07 Is it wrong to clap or raise hands during singing?
04/08 Could Paul have argued against a Jewish tradition in I Corinthians 11:1-16?
04/09 Is it a sin to have a baby out of wedlock?
04/09 Who is the faithful and wise servant in Matthew 25:45-47?
04/09 What were the evils of King Ahab and his wife Jezebel?
04/10 What is your proof that prophecy has ended?
04/10 How does a woman start wearing a covering?
04/10 Why does Revelation 5:1-6 contain changing symbols?
04/11 "My husband says I deserve to be spanked."
04/11 Any ideas what is wrong with me?
04/11 What do you think about reincarnation?
04/14 Could Israel crossed the Red Sea on the eastern side of the Sinai peninsula?
04/16 Should I marry the father of my son?
04/19 If he didn't go all the way, could I still get pregnant?
04/20 How can one justify being a Christian if he is not baptized?
04/22 "Your article about Jesus not being a vegetarian opened my eyes."
04/22 Can a girl get pregnant before her first period?
04/22 What do I do about a person involved in witchcraft?
04/22 How do I teach a stubborn person the truth about baptism?
04/22 How do I defend against Satan?
04/25 What can be done for a man who continually falls back into sin?
04/25 Where do the Arabs come from?
04/25 Should I spank my stepsons?
04/25 How do you build trust in a marriage?
04/25 How can I grow my faith in God?
04/25 How does one know if he has faith in God?
04/27 Should I continue a relationship with someone of a different religion?
04/27 Should I only listen to "Christian" music?
04/27 How should I handling out-of-control teenage boys?
04/28 Isn't spanking sexually stimulating to most people?
04/28 There's too much to learn. How can you not sin?
04/28 Can you prove God exists?
04/28 Can I use your pictures on my website?
04/28 What do you think about the divisions among the churches?
04/28 Is a person condemned if others hate him?
04/29 Is it wrong for a Christian woman to wear pants?
04/29 Is donating blood or organs wrong?
04/29 Should I continue talking to a co-worker who only wants to talk about sex?
04/29 Is oral sex between a married couple a sin?
04/30 Should the man always make the first move in a relationship?
05/01 Could my girlfriend get pregnant from what we did last night?
05/01 How can a congregation stay focused?
05/02 How should sexual immorality be addressed to the elderly?
05/02 Will a person who dies at the same hour as Christ go straight to heaven?
05/02 How do you deal with an addict?
05/04 A brother who was helping in me in the Lord's work left. What can I do?
05/04 Is it too simple to say we are to believe and we will be saved by God's grace?
05/06 How do you know that Ephesians 5:19 is speaking about worship?
05/07 Why haven't you written about the Comforter?
05/08 How do you handle a controlling father?
05/08 Does a person have to attend church?
05/08 Was Jesus created since he is the firstborn of creation?
05/08 Who is the "us" when God said "Let us make man"?
05/08 Why was the serpent cursed?
05/08 How could Satan be in heaven?
05/08 Is God's kingdom vegetarian?
05/09 What qualifications does an elder need that a deacon does not?
05/10 Objections to spanking
05/10 How far did Jesus carry the cross?
05/11 Does the Bible support the idea that all men are created equal?
05/11 Can you be certain that the one you are marrying will remain a faithful Christian?
05/11 What is the difference between water and the blood of Jesus?
05/12 How could Moses be called meek?
05/14 Was baptism only for the Jews?
05/15 What do I do about a husband that sinned at a bachelor's party?
05/16 How can Solomon's writings be God's words?
05/17 If God knows everything, then why did Jesus marvel at the centurion's faith?
05/18 How do you handle criticism?
05/22 Does my son enjoy being spanked?
05/22 What do you think about religious art?
05/26 What about hearing voices in your head?
05/27 Can we talk with those who have died?
05/28 Were the apostles educated?
05/28 Where were the apostles from?
05/30 Should I lie for my daughter?
06/01 How do you handle a problem with the neighbor's dogs?
06/03 Can a preacher kick members out of a church?
06/06 What is the best way to study the Bible?
06/06 How do I keep focused and not be tempted and fall?
06/08 Justifying Divorce and Remarriage by Claiming Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are Old Testament Books
06/08 What is our responsibility or accountability to God and ourselves?
06/08 How do you keep focused in life?
06/08 If a psychic helps the police, does this make it good?
06/09 What does "an idle mind is the devil's workshop" mean?
06/09 How do you punish a boy caught masturbating?
06/10 Can you have an out of body experience or be reincarnated?
06/11 Which Christian denomination is the right one?
06/11 Why did Jesus say not to forbid the non-follower from casting out demons?
06/12 Where is the line drawn between false teachings and matters of conscience?
06/13 How do I punish my teenage son for lying about his grades?
06/13 An objection to the claim that Catholics worship Mary
06/14 I have my doubts about Catholicism, but where do I go for the truth?
06/17 Would it be proper for a Christian to do Qigong?
06/19 What do you think about people wearing shorts to church?
06/20 Is Rephidim and Kadesh Barnea the same place?
06/22 Must the duties of preaching be evenly distributed among able and qualified men?
06/22 My girlfriend wants me in her bed, but I know it is wrong. What do I do?
06/24 Is the Lord's Supper useless if we are saved before partaking of it?
06/24 I just want to understand, why did this happen?
06/26 What do you do when you and your girlfriend don't agree about religion?
06/26 What are the seven spirits of God in Revelation?
06/26 My wife has lost interest in sex. What do I do?
06/26 Further objections to the idea that Catholics worship Mary
06/28 Is living with your fiancee all right if you seriously intend to get married?
06/29 How do you gauge how many swats to give in a spanking?
07/01 Where does it say that those preaching God's word would be hated?
07/02 Why can't we be free like the wind?
07/02 Should I divorce my wife?
07/03 Do abuses prove that preachers are being overused in congregations?
07/03 How do these mega-churches attract so many people?
07/04 Shouldn't we lift hands in prayer and greet with a holy kiss?
07/04 When was baptism authorized?
07/04 How were the Patriarchs saved?
07/05 How do you deal with an overactive six year old?
07/05 How do you distinguish between sin and areas for growth?
07/07 Do you honestly think man is God's most powerful creation?
07/08 Should mothers spank teenage sons and should I spank with my hands?
07/08 Does an old lover reappear as a man's daughter?
07/09 Doesn't Ecclesiastes 3:19 teach that there is no difference between men and animals?
07/09 Why is the "Height Projector" giving me different answers at different ages?
07/10 Can I divorce my wife because she sees sex, even in marriage, as sinful?
07/11 How does the warnings about correcting scoffers in Proverbs 9:7-9 affect our understanding of Matthew 18:15-20?
07/13 Who were the two men that hung beside Jesus on the cross?
07/13 Is it right or wrong to sell inside the church?
07/13 Is sex on the Sabbath a sin?
07/14 "Thank you for explaining why social drinking is wrong."
07/14 If you sell yourself to the devil, is this an unforgivable sin?
07/14 Why did God allow polygamy and concubines?
07/14 Do you know what it means to "cast your bread upon the waters?"
07/16 Should I give my seven-year-old a spanking for getting an F on his report card?
07/16 Why did Paul say he left Titus in Crete?
07/17 When should an invitation be offered?
07/17 What is there to repent for in being homosexual?
07/18 Won't a Mormon disagree that their book doesn't teach pre-existence of mortal man?
07/18 How do I help a young man going down the wrong path?
07/19 Since children are no longer stoned for disobedience, homosexuality can't be called wrong either?
07/20 Are homosexuals going to hell because they found themselves to be homosexual, yet remain chaste?
07/20 Should married couples stay in touch on a regular basis with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?
07/23 What about prophecy in the church?
07/24 Does a marriage begin when it is consummated?
07/24 "These are not lies!"
07/26 Is this spanking normal?
07/29 Spanking teens with a switch?
07/31 Is it possible for a person to blaspheme today?
08/02 Do you employ a full-time leader?
08/02 Are there passages that refer to THE Lord's Supper?
08/02 Could you explain Matthew 24:30?
08/05 Are Christians predestined to go to heaven?
08/05 What is the punishment for the unrepentant sinner on Judgment Day?
08/05 If you weren't a part of the rapture and had to face the tribulation, would that shake your faith?
08/06 How do I stop repeating sins?
08/07 My map shows Baal Zephon to be on the Mediterranean Sea, so doesn't this prove the crossing of the Red Sea to be allegorical?
08/07 Can anyone be saved who wants to be saved?
08/09 Why did you use non-biblical sources in your answer on the Sabbath?
08/09 How did Sabbath day worship get turned into Sunday worship?
08/10 What new law was given concerning the Passover in Numbers 9?
08/12 A co-worker isn't speaking to me. Should I ask her what is wrong?
08/12 What was the climate like in Jesus' time?
08/12 What is a lady?
08/14 Is Assyria the same as Syria today?
08/14 Didn't the Christians in Troas worship on the Sabbath?
08/15 When should I leave a church?
08/17 Is "body of Christ" more proper than "church of Christ"?
08/17 Do members of the church of Christ believe they are the only ones going to heaven?
08/18 Isn't long hair on men a sign of rebellion only since the 1960's?
08/18 Isn't justification by faith alone?
08/19 Where does it talk about souls asking how long must we wait?
08/19 If I committed adultery in my mind, does that mean I can't divorce and remarry?
08/19 Why do you have an article about John Hus?
08/20 What is the role of the Holy Spirit today?
08/21 How can I make sure I'm not doing anything wrong?
08/22 Can one person put a curse on another?
08/23 How do you get other members to participate?
08/23 If a woman accepts her husband back in desperation, can she later divorce him?
08/24 What should I do about a person who harmed me but hasn't asked for forgiveness?
09/02 Are children being baptized just to claim growth?
09/03 Is it possible that early Christians added to the book of Enoch?
09/03 Wouldn't it be reasonable for Jesus to appoint a prime minister, thus establishing the papacy?
09/03 A thank you for publishing material on sexual purity
09/04 Aren't you dancing around the issue of racism?
09/05 How do I honor my parents when I'm constantly fighting with my mother?
09/06 What do you think about the use of crosses in a building?
09/06 Do we have miracles from God today?
09/06 How can birds be an example of God's care when they can suffer from droughts and famines?
09/06 Should the church help a family that is constantly in financial difficulties?
09/07 What do I do about a lady who takes advantage of me?
09/08 Where does the Bible say facial hair is wrong?
09/08 Isn't Ur in Syria?
09/09 Cunnilingus is injurious to health!
09/09 Doesn't Ezekiel 37 speak of the restoration of Israel before Jesus' return?
09/09 What does the Bible say about wearing pants low?
09/10 Where does the Bible state that Moses stoned a woman who committed adultery?
09/11 Can small children commit morally wrong acts?
09/11 What is the proper punishment for mishandling funds and lying?
09/12 Should all prophecies be seen as fulfilled in the past (preterism)?
09/13 What was the purpose of John's baptism?
09/17 Can a woman wearing a covering work in a store selling alcohol?
09/17 Aren't prophets useless if they don't submit to the church's authority?
09/18 Must a couple, previously married, separate after they are baptized?
09/18 Is reading sexually explicited romance novels wrong?
09/18 Must a preacher teach from the Greek and Hebrew text?
09/20 Where in the Bible does it say we inherit the nature to sin?
09/20 Could you clarify when women may speak in church?
09/22 What is the name of David and Bathsheba's first born who died?
09/22 What is pornography's draw?
09/22 What about ghosts and speaking with the dead?
09/25 Is it wrong to use a slogan?
09/26 When is it appropriate to start kissing?
09/26 Should Christians avoid unclean foods?
09/27 Can a woman speak out in response to a question or to say "amen" during the worship?
09/29 Did God pick Jacob for salvation before or after he was born?
10/01 Why twelve apostles?
10/02 Would an atheist be saved if he did good deeds during his life?
10/02 Why did Catholicism start and when did it happen?
10/03 Is the use of a "praise team" scriptural?
10/04 Who are the three doctors of the Bible?
10/04 What do you think about this group who says believers cannot lose their salvation?
10/17 How could the Israelites have left Egypt if they crossed into the Sinai peninsula?
10/17 An appreciative reader
10/18 Happy to find the answers
10/19 What does "honor" mean in I Peter 2:17?
10/19 Can I tell you about a way to get married without government involvement?
10/19 Is a saved person still saved after stumbling?
10/19 Who did Adam and Eve's children marry?
10/21 Will God forgive me for doing something, knowing it was wrong?
10/21 Should I co-sign a loan for a church building?
10/22 Is it wrong to read books about how Satan operates in the world?
10/22 Are children truly innocent?
10/23 Is a sleeveless shirt or a knee-length dress immodest?
10/23 Your explanation of pharmakeia is poor
10/24 What is mammon?
10/25 At what gate was Stephen stoned?
10/26 Can you be saved without confessing with your mouth?
10/26 Can you explain the difference between heautou and idios?
10/26 How do you respond to someone claiming Jesus was not divine?
10/26 Can anyone be forgiven?
10/28 What does the Bible say about having a fetish?
10/28 How can a young man stay focused?
10/29 Who is the commander of the Lord's army?
10/29 Would you help resolve a dispute over the sale of a home?
10/29 Can instrumental music be used during weddings held in a church building?
10/30 Is free will and predetermined destiny contradictory?
10/31 Can I correspond with you regarding parenting issues?
11/01 Do you have PowerPoint sermons?
11/01 If I am not a follower of God, am I an enemy of God?
11/01 What are the main things we learn from the four gospels?
11/01 What was the climate like when Jesus was alive?
11/02 Why was proof required of virginity in the Old Testament?
11/03 Was Moses a prophet?
11/03 Could a murderer of innocent children go to heaven?
11/04 How do I handle my daughter living with a man?
11/05 Objections to Paul's apostleship
11/05 Wouldn't Mary's sins be passed on to her son Jesus?
11/05 Did Jesus become the only begotten of God at his baptism?
11/06 Would Jesus spank a child?
11/07 Do you think the American government would be better run by Christians?
11/07 Why was I born if God knew I would fail?
11/07 Does religious ethics do more harm than good?
11/08 Who is the rider on the white horse in Revelation 6?
11/09 Should I go ahead and spank my son?
11/09 Were Adam and Eve bound to sin?
11/11 Will masturbating when single cause harm later when married?
11/11 Am I not getting pregnant because God isn't ready for me to be a mother yet?
11/11 Where does the Bible talk about homosexuality?
11/12 Are you a 501C church?
11/12 How can the Son be called the Everlasting Father?
11/12 Are people born good and do bad things, or are they born bad and do good things?
11/13 Did Matthew fabricate a prophecy to support his claim that Jesus was the Messiah?
11/13 Which Old Testament prophet did Jesus quote the most?
11/14 Why are there two differing stories of creation in Genesis?
11/14 Is a woman who was raped still a virgin?
11/14 How can God command us not to murder when God murdered people in the Old Testament?
11/14 Is God referred to as Satan?
11/16 Can God be fair if He doesn't give a sinner another chance to repent?
11/17 Was the spirit of Christ the Holy Spirit?
11/17 What do you believe in regards to premillennial and dispensational theories?
11/18 Should preachers only be supported if they are in need?
11/20 What happened to the Ark of the Covenant?
11/21 Aren't you misinterpreting the Scriptures unless you teach faith alone?
11/21 Were most of the Psalms written during the time of II Samuel?
11/21 What is Nehushtan?
11/21 Are Christians considered to be Israelites?
11/21 Was the tree of life different from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?
11/21 I attempted to spank my step-son, but I think I mishandled it. What should I have done?
11/25 Do we inherit sin, but do not inherit the punishment?
11/25 Does history record Herod killing the children?
11/25 Does your church have a statement of faith?
11/25 How do you handle a family in constant financial need?
11/26 Can you help me with a report on rape?
11/26 Why can't women lead singing, serve at the Lord's table, and lead prayer?
11/27 When Jesus died, what spirit returned to God?
11/27 Can my husband ask me not to see one of my friends?
11/28 How do you handle nosy neighbors' questions about spanking?
11/28 Where did you learn to give counsel?
11/30 Can you help me with some questions on Numbers 13 and 14?
11/30 Since sin comes from our thoughts, does this mean there is no Satan?
11/30 What constitutes a witness in the Bible?
11/30 Why do people call Satan a fallen angel?
12/02 What saved Joshua and Caleb?
12/04 Who is the Queen of the South?
12/04 Why are there musical instruments in Revelation?
12/04 Why aren't we following the Holy Spirit?
12/07 Does it matter how long was Jesus' hair?
12/07 Does smoking menthol cigarettes cause erectile dysfunction?
12/08 What did the lampstand and table of showbread represent?
12/09 What do you think the book of Revelation refers to?
12/11 What does the sign of the water and blood mean in John 19:34?
12/11 What does it mean to be converted and become like children?
12/12 Can personal sins blind a person to the truth?
12/12 Is there a passage similar to "an idle mind is the devil's workplace?"
12/13 How do I help my depressed teenage daughter?
12/14 Why wasn't Jesus named Immanuel?
12/14 Can you get pregnant from pre-nut?
12/15 Whose idea what it to send spies into Canaan?
12/15 What do you think about the idea "anything you do in moderation is not a sin?"
12/16 If one person was forgiven of adultery and his spouse later commits adultery, doesn't it mean neither can remarry?
12/16 Am I on the right track for finding a spouse?
12/17 Why do you teach that men are born without sin?
12/18 Why should Christians learn the Old Testament?
12/18 "You are a false prophet"
12/18 Was it right to put our old dog to sleep?
12/19 Why are you cherry picking laws from Leviticus to condemn homosexuality?
12/30 Should games be offered at youth groups?

Unless otherwise noted, all answers were written by Jeff Hamilton.