Answers to Questions in 2005

Below is a record of answers given to past questions.

01/02 Does baptism make Jesus' sacrifice insufficent for our salvation?
01/03 Does pornography change a person?
01/03 Abraham wasn't baptized, so why should we need it?
01/04 How should aid be sent to members of the church?
01/06 What is the meaning of "Hebron"?
01/06 What is meant by "first fruits"?
01/09 What kinds of debt are permissible?
01/11 What to do when a church leader preys on members
01/11 How do you handle problems with attending services?
01/13 Can you marry a near relative by marriage?
01/17 Why do Christians worship on Sunday instead of Saturday?
01/18 How important is the Sabbath day?
01/18 What happens spiritually when a husband and wife have a sexual relationship?
01/18 What is the philosophy of true education?
01/20 If there is a God, why does evil exist?
01/21 Can spanking hurt a child's feelings?
01/22 Does "faithful children" mean faithful to God or faithful to the parent?
01/24 May I correspond with you about parenting issues?
01/24 What is wrong with men having long hair?
01/25 What are the consequences of sin?
01/25 What are covenants?
01/25 What must I do to be saved?
01/27 Why do some consider the minor prophets one book?
01/27 You can't judge others!
01/29 Comments on belief in the deity of Christ
01/31 Is it right for my dad to still spank me at nineteen?
01/31 Where in the Bible did a Jewish woman become queen?
01/31 What were the names of Jesus's twelve apostles?
02/02 When a church splits, who is right?
02/04 Since Jesus said to keep the commandments, shouldn't we keep the Sabbath?
02/05 Since Christians are spiritual Israel, shouldn't they be following the Ten Commandments?
02/06 How can the Sabbath be moved when Christ said he did not come to destroy the law?
02/07 What kinds of homosexuality does the Bible mention?
02/08 Is the New World Translation an accurate translation?
02/09 How do we distinguish between attraction and lust?
02/10 How do you teach preteens about salvation?
02/10 Who is the uncle of Moses?
02/10 How can I make my daughter interested in studying?
02/11 Acts 20:7 doesn't speak of worship, does it?
02/12 Are the commands to work directed to men only or both men and women?
02/13 I'm offended that you defend eating meat
02/13 Why don't you keep Pentecost?
02/13 You only worship on Sunday because Constantine changed the day of worship
02/15 How does a disfellowshiped Christian worship God?
02/17 Don't you feel sorry for the animals?
02/17 How do you prove there is a God?
02/17 How can I make my parents' faith my own?
02/18 Should failure to attend in the past be publically confessed?
02/19 Don't you feel any compassion for the suffering animals?
02/20 I'm disappointed you didn't answer my question.
02/21 Are you saying God condemns vegetarians?
02/24 Is our fate predetermined?
02/24 Is the church a business?
02/26 Doesn't the Bible indicate that God accepts alcohol?
02/27 How many monuments were raised in Joshua 4?
03/01 Isn't a moderate drinker still sober?
03/04 What happens when you lie?
03/04 Should a preacher do weddings?
03/05 Do the words "carousing" or "revelling" condemn social drinking?
03/07 Must a woman wear a skirt to worship?
03/09 Why is YWHW translated LORD?
03/11 Where have you studied?
03/11 Are you "anti" or "liberal"?
03/11 What is your stand on marriage, divorce, and remarriage?
03/12 Is divorce only acknowledged when it is done for fornication?
03/12 What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?
03/14 Are Sunday morning Bible classes an unauthorized innovation?
03/16 Why are the New Testament quotes of the Old Testament different?
03/17 What happened to Ishmael's decendants?
03/17 Can a church consist of just one person?
03/22 Should the Lord's Supper be served with one cup?
03/22 Does Acts 2:17-18 prove women can be preachers?
03/22 Can a bake sale be held at a church?
03/24 Does Romans 14 give the liberty to drinking alcoholic beverages?
03/26 Does Acts 2:13-15 infer that Christians drank fermented wine?
03/26 Could I get pregnant from spilled semen?
03/26 How can Solomon say that multiple sexual partners is bad when he had hundreds of wives?
03/28 Why isn't more time spent on spreading the golden rule?
03/29 Is there a time limit on seeking a divorce?
03/29 I don't need a piece of paper to say I'm married
03/30 Shouldn't you teach about principles instead of pointing out people's sins?
04/03 Is divorce a sin?
04/09 Isn't there at least one sin worse than other sins?
04/09 We may disagree, but doesn't matter, so long as we get to heaven
04/11 Can I get pregnant while having a period?
04/14 How long were the priests' breeches?
04/19 Are girl - girl relationships condemned?
04/19 Matthew 28:19 cannot refer to a Christian's baptism because it was given in the wrong place and at the wrong time.
04/19 Is the Holy Spirit Jesus?
04/19 In whose name are we to be baptized?
04/21 Does "remember the Sabbath" imply prior observance?
04/22 Are same sex relationships wrong if they are non-sexual?
04/26 Is it okay to wear animal skin or furs?
04/28 Should my attire match those around me?
04/30 Could you explain what is true love?
04/30 How did David and Jonathan show their love for each other?
04/30 Is married love different from Christian love?
05/05 Did Lot's wife go to heaven or hell?
05/05 When you die, do you go straight to heaven or hell?
05/05 What does a preacher's wife do?
05/07 You don't know what rape is.
05/07 Is there truth behind "The Da Vinci Code"?
05/07 Can the church use its funds to send flowers?
05/09 How do we know how to pronounce Hebrew?
05/18 What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?
05/19 Should a wife leave because of sexual assult?
05/25 Isn't a kitchen just an way to reach people with the gospel?
05/30 I want to sing, but I'm afraid of being in front of others. What do I do?
05/30 Does my divorce mean I failed as a wife?
06/09 Is foreplay wrong if it doesn't lead to sex?
06/09 What if a man feels he cannot wait to have sex?
06/14 Must elders have more than one child?
06/20 Is there authority for Bible classes segregated by ages?
06/22 Is spanking a thirteen year old child illegal?
06/23 Should young boys lead singing in worship?
06/23 What should a wife do if she feels unloved?
06/24 Does it matter who files for the divorce?
06/25 How can I feel forgiven?
06/28 How should I punish my defiant 14-year-old son?
07/03 I'm addicted to pornography and masturbation. How do I stop?
07/03 Are psychics real?
07/04 Which thief went to Paradise?
07/04 Should a husband leave a wife he cannot trust?
07/04 Does the command to "forsake not the assembling of ourselves together" apply only to Sunday worship?
07/06 Where did you find the old children's Bible story books?
07/10 How do I cleanse my soul and forgive myself?
07/13 How many swats is proper in a spanking?
07/14 How can a wife be her husband's companion when he is the head of the household?
07/16 Why did God command circumcision?
07/19 Were the Colossians being told not to worry about being condemned for keeping the Sabbath?
07/22 Who was the angel that Jacob wrestled with at Jabbok?
07/26 Where does the Bible say homosexuality is a sin?
07/27 What musical instruments were used in ancient Greece?
07/27 Can Christians celebrate birthdays?
07/28 A denial that homosexuality is condemned in the Scriptures
07/30 Who were Lot's descendants?
07/30 What is God's plan of salvation and eternal life?
07/30 I believe Jesus was a vegetarian
07/30 Can a baptism be annulled?
08/09 If homosexuality isn't genetic, then is heterosexuality genetic?
08/13 Why ten commandments and not another number?
08/13 Who were the judges and kings of Israel?
08/18 What should a teenager do to guard against pride?
08/21 How old does a person need to be to become an elder?
08/22 I need help handling teenage dress and language problems
08/24 Didn't Jesus say some are born homosexual?
08/24 Can we say for sure that Onesimus stole from his master?
08/24 Was Rome a safe haven for runaway slaves?
08/24 Could masters under the Old Testament law beat or kill their slaves?
08/26 Did Onesimus later become an elder?
08/27 How could Samuel offer a burnt offering when he was not a Levite?
08/28 Move into the twenty-first century
08/31 Why do even non-Christians look down on men with long hair?
08/31 Why don't Muslim believing governments allow their people to break Islamic law?
08/31 How do I answer someone who believes all religions are equal?
09/01 How do I get someone to believe the truth about homosexuality?
09/09 Is same gender love wrong?
09/11 Are there exceptions to withdrawal?
09/12 What does "you shall have no other gods before me" mean?
09/17 How do I help someone who almost committed suicide?
09/20 How did the twelve apostles die?
09/23 Who are the false prophets among us today?
09/23 Is God cleansing the earth with these recent storms?
09/24 Where is Edom today?
10/06 You're too harsh on public schools
10/07 Were all Levitical Priests left-handed?
10/07 When is Passover?
10/07 How do I deal with a financially irresponsible wife?
10/07 What constitutes a marriage?
10/08 Does the definition of marriage change?
10/14 Where did Cain get his wife?
10/17 Are cherubim angels?
10/17 What advantage is there to being religious?
10/17 What did the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments look like?
10/17 Is "Jesus" the name used in the New Testament?
10/18 The mistranslation of "Jesus" is the 666 in Revelation.
10/21 Should a Christian use medicinal drugs that may affect the mind?
10/22 Will Catholics go to hell?
10/24 Is Talmudism different from Zionism?
10/26 Why shouldn't people drink alcohol?
10/26 Are recent natural disasters signs?
10/27 What happens if you swear to tell the truth, but you don't?
10/28 I believe some people are born with homosexual tendencies.
10/30 What is the Commonwealth of Israel?
10/31 Does "honoring your mother and father" mean following their religious beliefs?
11/05 Can people receive Christ after the Rapture?
11/07 How do I move on after the death of a loved one?
11/07 What do I do with a 20-year-old who continues to lie?
11/10 Would God be pleased with my example to my children?
11/11 Where do I find a list of God's laws in the Bible?
11/12 In Mark 5:19, the word is "house" not "people."
11/13 Doesn't Ephesians 5:18 imply that some use of alcohol is permitted?
11/14 Is being a vegetarian better than a meat eater?
11/19 I don't believe a woman gives up her body when she marries.
11/21 Where does the Bible talk about the unmarried living together?
11/27 How can I get God to answer my prayer?
11/27 Why would those who never heard the gospel be lost?
11/28 Which version of the Bible is most accurate?
11/28 Is Matthew 28:19 a part of the setting up of the church?
12/01 What type of animals did they have in Jesus' time?
12/08 Are the objections to Catholicism without foundation?
12/11 Should wages be fixed?
12/29 What does it mean to be a child of God?
12/29 Is living together before marriage a sin?
12/29 What does the Bible say about the Rapture?

Unless otherwise noted, all answers were written by Jeff Hamilton.