Answers to Questions in 2004

Below is a record of answers given to past questions.

01/05/2004 Is water baptism a work?
01/08/2004 Is the Bible male oriented?
01/12/2004 Were Adam and Eve covered in light and did they have precognitive power?
01/12/2004 Can a man be saved without baptism?
01/14/2004 Were the apostles baptized in the name of Jesus?
01/15/2004 Why were the Ten Commandments written on stone and the ceremonial laws written on paper scrolls?
01/19/2004 Can suicide be forgiven?
01/22/2004 Where was God's protection for those caught in the September 11th tragedy?
01/29/2004 How old was Isaac when he was offered up to God?
02/02/2004 Can the Greek word translated "himself" in James 1:27 also be translated "themselves"?
02/05/2004 Was Paul ever in Colosse?
02/10/2004 A refusal to accept that salvation came to Cornelius at baptism
02/16/2004 Is the temple of the Spirit the Christian or the church?
02/21/2004 How does your church define sin?
02/23/2004 A rejection that Cornelius was lost
02/23/2004 Is racism a sin?
02/24/2004 Is the Bible our highest standard for living?
02/24/2004 Where is the garden of Eden?
02/26/2004 Is the Bible the only source of authority?
02/26/2004 How do we know the Bible is inspired?
02/28/2004 How do I have sex on my wedding night?
02/28/2004 What do you think of the movie "The Passion of the Christ"?
03/01/2004 Can a person be born gay?
03/02/2004 Isn't repentance and faith the same thing?
03/03/2004 Could Jesus have said "My God, my God, for this I was kept?"
03/04/2004 Is Satan female?
03/05/2004 Do you believe that baptism could be linked to grace?
03/07/2004 Does Matthew 3:11 show that eis can be translated "because of"?
03/15/2004 Isn't vegetarianism the ideal for man?
03/16/2004 Questions about Boaz
03/16/2004 What authority is there for re-baptism?
03/17/2004 Can a person be a believer and not be saved?
03/20/2004 Is the Spirit only given to the obedient?
03/20/2004 Can fellowship be denied?
03/23/2004 Questions about King Joash's financial management
03/24/2004 Did dinosaurs really exist?
03/24/2004 Was there only one continent before the Flood?
03/24/2004 Is masturbation unacceptable?
03/29/2004 Where is the Tower of Babel?
03/29/2004 Is the covenant different from the Law?
03/31/2004 Were only the sacrificial ordinance abolished from the Law?
03/31/2004 Do Jews and Christians both follow the teachings of the Old Testament?
03/31/2004 What did Jesus eat while he was on earth?
04/01/2004 What is wrong with Catholicism?
04/01/2004 What do you think about the movie "The Gospel of John"? 
04/02/2004 Why are there different denominations?
04/02/2004 Why were the stars and moon created?
04/03/2004 Why are boy-girl relationships not advisable at a young age?
04/05/2004 What do we do when the government is involved in our child rearing?
04/06/2004 Which Bible translations are the best?
04/06/2004 What did Paul mean by "chiefest of the apostles"?
04/07/2004 Could Cornelius have been an Israelite of foreign birth?
04/08/2004 Is the end of time drawing near?
04/10/2004 How does adultery start?
04/10/2004 What is the background of each book in the Bible?
04/15/2004 Were the covenants for the Israelites only?
04/16/2004 Objections to Satan being referred to as male
04/16/2004 Does Abel's sacrifice prove meat was eaten before the flood?
04/19/2004 Why didn't the Jews believe Jesus? 
04/24/2004 Is it wrong to have a job that encourages others to sin?
04/24/2004 What are the Jehovah's Witnesses' beliefs about the Godhead?
04/28/2004 What is God's name?
05/03/2004 Is Jesus God?
05/04/2004 Does the Spirit physically indwell a person?
05/04/2004 Should we call on Jesus or Jehovah to be saved?
05/06/2004 What to do when parents disagree about spanking?
05/07/2004 Why attitudes toward spanking are changing
05/11/2004 Should a preacher be paid to hold a gospel meeting?
05/20/2004 Is it okay for boys and girls to swim together?
05/22/2004 May a Christian serve in government?
05/24/2004 Can we love and care for animals?
05/25/2004 Is it rape when a husband is influenced by alcohol, drugs, or pornography? 
06/08/2004 When was the spousal rape law passed?
06/13/2004 Evidence that meat is acceptable food offends a reader
06/14/2004 Where does the idea that Hell is a place of torment come from?
06/15/2004 Is sex within marriage a privilege to be earned?
06/18/2004 Who appoints elders?
06/18/2004 Who removes an elder from office?
06/19/2004 Must an elder have faithful children?
06/19/2004 Can a man be both a preacher and an elder?
06/19/2004 What is meant by an elder being the husband of one wife?
06/21/2004 Is "hell" a proper translation of "Gehenna"?
06/22/2004 Where does it say the Holy Spirit is God?
06/23/2004 Should the Father only be addressed as Yahweh and the Son as Yahshua?
06/28/2004 Why is sex a sin?
07/01/2004 Boy - girl relationships don't affect studies do they?
07/05/2004 Why does Law exist?
07/06/2004 How many children did Abraham have?
07/07/2004 Can a child have too many toys?
07/08/2004 Is repentance necessary to be saved?
07/09/2004 What are the biblical consequences to lying?
07/10/2004 How will male virtues be passed on without spanking?
07/12/2004 What is the difference between being born again and being saved?
07/13/2004 What is repentance?
07/14/2004 How do you handle a teenage liar?
07/16/2004 Had Cornelius heard John's teaching and, perhaps, was baptized by John? 
07/17/2004 Why is suicide a sin?
07/19/2004 Can a murderer be forgiven by God and still go to heaven?
07/20/2004 What happens to you when you die?
07/20/2004 What proof is there that Mary was born without sin?
07/22/2004 Can't a wife abstain from sex for a few days?
07/22/2004 Where is the passage that says dying young spares the person from evil?
07/23/2004 Should non-Christians participate in the Lord's Supper?
07/23/2004 Can you explain what "flesh" is in Romans 4:1?
07/29/2004 Is a veil required?
08/01/2004 What would you consider as modest apparel for a woman?
08/03/2004 What is wrong with smoking?
08/03/2004 What was so bad about Jesus turning stones into bread?
08/03/2004 How many horsemen did David kill?
08/04/2004 What is wrong with drinking, so long as it is done in moderation? 
08/06/2004 Should I tell my husband about my adultery?
08/07/2004 When did Ahaziah begin his reign?
08/07/2004 Why does the Bible contain the words of Satan?
08/11/2004 Where are Cush and Havilah today?
08/12/2004 What does it mean to honor your father and mother?
08/17/2004 What does the fatness of the land and the dew of heaven mean?
08/17/2004 Did Paul sometimes drink wine?
08/17/2004 Will God allow sin to get us back?
08/21/2004 What is an unknown tongue?
08/24/2004 Must you speak in tongues to have the Holy Spirit?
08/24/2004 What do you think about the Azusa Street Revival?
08/28/2004 What is the difference between a Priest and a Levite?
08/28/2004 How do you handle people with hot tempers?
08/31/2004 What is the purpose of praise and worship?
09/04/2004 Can you sin after receiving the Holy Spirit?
09/04/2004 What is the age of accountability for a child?
09/04/2004 Why are Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles divided into two books each?
09/05/2004 What is it that I'm doing, if it is not speaking in tongues?
09/05/2004 What was special about a man named Enoch?
09/09/2004 When did women stop covering their heads during worship?
09/09/2004 Why isn't I Timothy 2:9 taken literally?
09/11/2004 Should a woman deny her husband sex?
09/14/2004 Why is there no female god in the Bible?
09/17/2004 Must a member of the church follow the truth?
09/17/2004 Should I leave this marriage?
09/17/2004 Can I as a homosexual change if I start going to church?
09/20/2004 Did the apostle Paul keep the laws found in the Torah?
09/21/2004 Who is the Queen of Heaven in Jeremiah 7:18?
09/21/2004 Should I divorce my unfaithful wife?
09/21/2004 What sexual acts should not be committed before marriage?
09/23/2004 Will I be sinning if I have sex with my girlfriend?
09/23/2004 Is anal or oral sex between a married couple a sin?
09/25/2004 How do I save my marriage?
09/25/2004 Why did Jesus start Catholicism?
09/25/2004 Could cousins marry in biblical times?
09/28/2004 Was there a world before Genesis?
09/30/2004 What do you think about my thesis?
09/30/2004 Are there more Christians who actually believe the Bible?
10/09/2004 Should you only teach a subject once to a Christian who disagrees with you?
10/12/2004 Is homosexuality a race?
10/12/2004 Does a husband have the right to spank his wife?
10/13/2004 What are your opinions about the Disney company?
10/14/2004 Why do some women not wear a head covering?
10/25/2004 What does the Bible say about employment?
10/26/2004 When did Saul reign in Israel?
10/26/2004 How do you prevent teenagers from having pre-marital sex?
11/01/2004 Does the phrase "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani" have a different meaning in Aramaic than in the Greek?
11/02/2004 Should a child's pants be taken down for a spanking?
11/02/2004 How can I get my 8-year-old son to stop wetting his pants?
11/04/2004 Are tongues still in existence today?
11/04/2004 Should women use head coverings when praying?
11/04/2004 Should a woman stay home and not work to take care of the children?
11/04/2004 Are Christians to tithe?
11/04/2004 Why is Jesus referred to as the son of David more than as the son of Abraham or of Noah?
11/17/2004 Did God forsake Jesus on the cross?
11/18/2004 How do I repair a damaged marriage?
11/18/2004 Does rape within a marriage lead to divorce?
11/19/2004 How does obedience relate to saving faith?
11/21/2004 Could there have been a gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2?
11/22/2004 Should teachers spank children?
11/23/2004 Do the Ten Commandments apply to Christians?
11/24/2004 How do I chasten my teenager for using drugs?
11/30/2004 At what age is a person accountable?
12/08/2004 How do I get girls to have sex with me?
12/09/2004 Was I not dressed up enough for worship?
12/09/2004 How long does a woman's hair have to be?
12/11/2004 Why did the people think Jesus was calling for Elijah?
12/11/2004 How do you repent of having sex outside of wedlock and a baby is on the way?
12/13/2004 What did King David do as king?
12/14/2004 Is the spirit of man immortal?
12/14/2004 Does the Bible speak of souls sleeping?
12/15/2004 Can money be used from the church treasury to do good for non-Christians?
12/15/2004 Is there any spiritual work that an individual Christian may do that the church may not?
12/16/2004 If you can have fellowship with people who differ in one area, why can't you have fellowship with those who have kitchens and fellowship halls?
12/20/2004 Can a woman teach a teenage boy?
12/26/2004 What happens if an elder's wife dies?
12/26/2004 How can baptism save?
12/28/2004 How old is the world?
12/28/2004 What is the spiritual impact of online pornography?
12/28/2004 Is the recent major earthquake in Indonesia an indication that Jesus is about to return?
12/29/2004 Since teaching is a work, then it doesn't save. Right?
12/29/2004 Jesus did not say he who is not baptized will be condemned, right?

Unless otherwise noted, all answers were written by Jeff Hamilton.