Bible Studies for New Christians

Studies for New Christians

Acts of the Apostles by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A simple outline of the book of Acts (In process of being transferred to the web site.)

A Men's Training Class by Dempsey Collins extended by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

An outline series to prepare men for service in the worship.

A Study of Genesis by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A good study for new Christians or for someone unfamiliar with the Bible. The book of Beginnings is examined in detailed and when new ideas are introduced, supplemental lessons are used to examine the topic in detail.

An Overview of Bible History by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A brief introduction to biblical history using seventeen divisions. Based on Bob Waldron's "The 3-Cycle Approach."

Fundamentals of Christianity by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Class notes for teaching new Christians. (In process of being written.)

Hebrew Poetry by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Moral Principles: A Study for Young People by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A series of short devotional lessons are followed by questions and verses to study on the topic introduced. The lessons are aim at preteens to teenagers but are useful to people of all ages.

The Lord Your God is an Awesome God! by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A study of the nature of God geared toward teenagers, but you will find the study meaty enough for young adults and new converts as well.

When Was Cornelius Saved? by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

The case of Cornelius's conversion is examined in detail to determine what is necessary for salvation and when is a person saved.

Why Did God Create Man? A Study of Ecclesiastes by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A workbook examining Ecclesiastes. The book is seen as research paper addressing the question of why did God put man on Earth.