Bible Studies for Adults

Studies for Adults

A Men's Training Class by Dempsey Collins extended by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A outline series to prepare men for service in the worship.

A Study of Genesis by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A good study for new Christians or for someone unfamiliar with the Bible. The Book of Beginnings is examined in detailed and when new ideas are introduced, supplemental lessons are used to examine the topic in detail.

A Study of John by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Outline study of the Gospel of John

Acts of the Apostles by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

An outline study of the Book of Acts. Not an in-depth study.

David and His Psalms by Ron Turnbow

A study of the life of David using the Psalms to give insight into David's thoughts during those events.

Ezekiel by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Class notes or outline study of the book of Ezekiel.

Fundamentals of Christianity by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Class notes for teaching new Christians. (In process of being written.)

Hebrew Poetry by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

How to Study the Bible: An In-Depth Study of Galatians by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Learn to pull more from your Bible than you ever have done before. Class notes and assignment sheets for a detailed study of the book of Galatians. While Galatians is the focus of the study, the techniques taught can be applied to any book of the Bible.

Job by Austin Hausner

Keys to Understanding by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A study on how to reason from the Scriptures with other people. What works and doesn't work is discussed in detail. Lots of information on how false teachings are disguised as truth. A good study for adults and young adults.

Learning to Teach by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

An outline study on how to be an effective teacher of God's Word.

Letter to the Hebrews by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A detailed study of the letter written to the Hebrews. (In process of being written.)

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John: Old Testament or New Testament? by Dave Brown and Terry W. Benton

Where the Gospels intended to be Old Testament or New Testament books? The answer seems obvious, but there are some wishing to pervert the Gospels in order to justify their false beliefs.

Paul's Letter to the Romans by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

An in-depth study of the Book of Romans.

Proverbs: Practical Advice on Life by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Practical advice given to young men on all aspects of life that will benefit everyone. This study was the result of my belief that Proverbs is not a random collection of wise says. Solomon stated that the purpose of the books is "to understand a proverb and a figure, the words of the wise and their riddles" (Proverbs 1:6). The order of the proverbs is a part of the riddles to be solved. There is a pattern to the placement of the topics, and seeing why one idea follows another is a part of learning the lessons presented.

Ruth by Bryan M. Dockens

A question and answers styled study of the book of Ruth. The questions can be separated out to provide study worksheets for the students.

Searching for My Friend by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A series of brief, single point messages written to reach the heart of those lost in drugs.

Some Thoughts on Psalms by Wayne Ferguson

Wayne's notes as he studies through the Psalms. (In process of being written.)

Survey of the Bible by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

outlines of each book of the Bible. Audio of each lesson as it was given in La Vista is also available.

The Corinthian Letters by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

An in-depth study of I and II Corinthians. The course is designed to get the student to really see the contents of these two letters in greater detail than they may have done in the past.

The Gospel Accounts: A Chronological Harmony by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A study of all four Gospels in chronological order using the Gospel of Luke as the primary determiner of events.

The Greatest Love Song Written: A Study of the Song of Solomon by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

An excellent study for young couples about to be married as well as those already married.

The Lord Your God is an Awesome God! by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A study of the nature of God geared toward teenagers, but you will find the study meaty enough for young adults and new converts as well.

The Messiah from Prophecy to the Throne by Gary Wells

A chronological examination of Messianic prophecies from the Old Testament to determine what could have been known about the Messiah in each century before Christ. The lessons are done as PowerPoint slides.

The Revelation Given to John by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A study of the Book of Revelation. (Part outline and part text.)

The Sermon on the Mount by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A workbook examining Matthew 5 through 7.

The Ten Commandments by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A study of the Ten Commandments to give Christians a greater appreciation for the wisdom of God's law to the Israelites. (In process of being written)

When Was Cornelius Saved? by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

The case of Cornelius's conversion is examined in detail to determine what is necessary for salvation and when is a person saved.

Why Did God Create Man? A Study of Ecclesiastes by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

A workbook examining Ecclesiastes. The book is seen as research paper addressing the question of why did God put man on Earth.