Kidnapper Upset Being Seen as a Bad Guy

Source: The New York Times, "Iran bankrolling its own version of 'Argo'," Omaha World-Herald, 12 January 2013.

The film Argo is "about the CIA's extraction of six American diplomats from revolutionary Tehran." Not surprisingly, the Iranian government doesn't like the movie. "'Argo' was condemned by Iranian officials as anti-Iranian." Imagine that!

More amusing, however, was the following: "One former hostage taker, Abbas Abdi, after seeing the movie, said that he and his comrades would always be seen as 'bad guys' in the U.S." There is a simple solution to the problem: don't get involved in sin, even when it is promoted by your government, and people will give you respect. "When a man's ways please the LORD, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him" (Proverbs 16:7).

By the way, kidnapping is a sin: "Knowing this: that the law is not made for a righteous person, but for the lawless and insubordinate, for the ungodly and for sinners, for the unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, for fornicators, for sodomites, for kidnappers, for liars, for perjurers, and if there is any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine" (I Timothy 1:9-10).