Where to go next in La Vista's site

About the La Vista Church of Christ

General overview of who we are.
Directions to the building and the times of our services.
Upcoming events taking place at La Vista or area congregations.

For Your Learning

Articles written by brethren, sorted by topics.
Sermon outlines, audio recordings of sermons, and a few videos of preaching, sorted by topics.
Bible studies in outline and workbook formats, sorted by age groups.
The War on Morality: Brief references to moral topics in the news with commentary. Arranged by date and topics.
Scripture references and notes, good for finding a reference or starter material for lessons, sorted by topics.
An extensive list of answers to questions asked over the years. The material is sorted both by time the question was answered and by the topics discussed.

Aids in Lesson Preparation

Pictures from old children's Bible story books now in the public domain. Useful for illustrating bulletins, articles, sermons, and Bible classes.
A list of links to other web sites contain material useful in studying the Bible and preparing sermons and class material.

Useful Tools

Finding just what you are looking for can be difficult on large sites, so we give several options. There are two ways to search La Vista's site: One is locally done without ads. It is thorough, but it is slow and still has hiccups. The other is provided by Google. It is fast and predictive, but it has ads and sometimes misses recent additions. There is also links to two search sites that will search large lists of sites written by brethren at the same time. Finally there is also a Bible search engine.
If you want to keep track of recent changes to La Vista's site, the main updates are posted to our Facebook page. By "liking" the page, you will get notices updates in your news feed. We also keep a page listing all postings in chronological order that you can visit.
If you find a page on La Vista's site that you really like, you can share it with your friends with a few simple clicks through the "Share" button.
All pages that give Bible references have pop-up boxes to the actual passage, which you can view by putting your mouse over the passage. You can control which translation is used in the pop up box by the settings under "Bible Options." If you are a user of Logos software, there is also a check box to connect to those software features. The "Save" button causes La Vista's site to remember your settings between visits, if you allow "cookies."