The Seven Personages: The Woman, the Man-Child and the Dragon


I.         Revelation 11:19

            A.        The previous visions started with the door to heaven opening - Rev 4:1

            B.        It opens again to reveal heaven’s inner sanctuary

                        1.         The ark of the covenant is shown. The ark where God’s glory was seen between the cherubim - Ex 25:22

                        2.         We can draw near because of the blood of Jesus - Heb 12:19-23

            C.        Here begins again another major vision.

                        1.         The meaning is the same, though the symbols are different

                        2.         The story is told from a different view point. One that shows the spiritual forces at play behind the scenes.

II.        Seven Personages

            A.        The Woman

            B.        The man-child

            C.        The Dragon

            D.        Michael

            E.        The Sea Beast

            F.        The Land Beast

            G.        The Lamb

III.       The Woman - Rev 12:1-2

            A.        A woman who is clothed with the sun, standing on the moon, with a crown of twelve stars on her head.

                        1.         The brightness indicates glory, as oppose to darkened heavenly bodies which indicated despair (Isa 13:10).

                        2.         She is lit by three different sources of light

                                    a.         Some see this representing the different ages

                                                (1)       Starlight - the patriarchal age

                                                (2)       Moon light - the mosaical age

                                                            (a)       God’s will seen, but not clearly understood - Eph 3:4-5

                                                (3)       Sun light - the age of Christ

                                                            (a)       God’s will fully revealed

                        3.         She is wearing a victory crown

                                    a.         The twelve stars are the number associated with God’s people (12 tribes, 12 apostles, etc)

                        4.         The woman is all of God’s people through the ages

                                    a.         Israel is seen as God’s wife - Isa 54:5

                                    b.         The remnant of Israel is seen as woman in birth pains - Micah 4:8-10

                                    c.         Also the spiritual remnant of Israel brings forth a male child - Isa 66:7-9

                                                (1)       The trouble of Israel leads to the delivery of God’s promise.

                                    d.         Later she is said to bring forth other children who are those who keep the commandments of God - Rev 12:17

                                                (1)       Jesus was the firstborn among many - Rom 8:29

                                                (2)       Jesus saved those under the first covenant - Heb 9:15

                                                (3)       Apart from the church, they would not be perfected - Heb 11:39-40

                                    e.         The Bible often refers to the church as the bride of Christ

                                                (1)       II Cor 11:2 - Espoused to Christ

                                                (2)       Eph 5:23 - Married to Christ

                                                (3)       Rom 7:1-4 - The church is married through the covenant

                                                (4)       Some feel it is the church John refers to as the elect lady - II John 1

IV.      The Dragon - Rev 12:3-4

            A.        The woman, being with child, is confronted with a dragon who is ready to devour her child as soon as he is born.

                        1.         Later, the dragon is identified as Satan - Revelation 12:9

                                    a.         He has seven heads - complete intelligence

                                                (1)       He is crafty - II Cor 11:3

                                    b.         He has ten horns - full power

                                    c.         He has seven crowns - complete authority

                                                (1)       These are not the crowns of victory mentioned before, but royal crowns (diadem)

                                                (2)       John 12:31 - ruler of this world

                                    d.         He red - the color of war and bloodshed

                                                (1)       He was a murderer from the beginning - John 8:44

                        2.         His tail is a destructive force

                                    a.         The image is of an immense dragon, whose tail is sweeping back and forth, dragging a third of the stars in heaven down.

                                    b.         Three possible explanations

                                                (1)       Satan’s power and might is great and in his fury to get Christ, he sweeps away a third of the rulers

                                                (2)       The stars being angels and Satan’s rebellion led many astray, who are now cast down - II Peter 2:4, Jude 6

                                                (3)       A parallel to Daniel’s vision in Dan 8:10 where a coming Greek king power swells and pulls down a portion of the host of God.

                                    c.         No matter which explanation, the power of Satan is being emphasized.

V.        The Male Child - Rev 12:5-6

            A.        The child is the Christ, born of the woman in travail - Micah 5:2-4

                        1.         The travail was long, but the birth was quick - Mal 3:1

            B.        Satan, through Herod, sought to destroy Jesus at his birth. - Matt 2:16

                        1.         He continued to try and thwart the work of Christ, right up to killing the Savior on a cross.

                        2.         In this, he must have thought he triumphed.

            C.        Jesus is caught up to the throne of God and rules all nations.

                        1.         Not for protection, but to establish his rule.

                        2.         Rev 19:11-12, 15-16

                        3.         Similar to Ps. 2:6-9

                        4.         Jesus’ scepter is of righteousness - Heb 1:8

                        5.         Smashing whom he wills Ps 110:5-6

            D.        The woman, God’s people, is sent to the wilderness for 3 ½ years to be nourished and protected.

                        1.         3 ½ years indicates an indefinite period of time. Time for her strength to be built up

                        2.         Similar examples:

                                    a.         Moses fled Pharaoh after killing the Egyptians for a period of time.

                                    b.         Israel wandered in the wilderness for a period of time to be strengthened into a nation

                                    c.         Elijah fled the wrath of Ahab and Jezebel for a period of time.

                                    d.         Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt with the Christ child to avoid the wrath of Herod

                                    e.         Paul went to Arabia after his conversion to be taught by the Lord.