Can I get my wife pregnant if I withdraw before ejaculating?


I want to ask a question: Two weeks ago while having sex with my wife I ejaculated outside the vagina, never in the vagina. Who would I ask whether, in addition to semen, other fluids could make a woman pregnant? Because when my wife orgasms, I remove my penis, and put it back. Is this the correct way?

Please answer my question about semen because I'm still anxious and not sure.

Thank you.


You are practicing the withdrawal method for avoiding pregnancy.  No contraceptive is 100% perfect. Any time a couple has sex, there is a chance of pregnancy. If 100 couples had sex for a year, taking no particular measures to prevent pregnancy, then before the year is out 85 of them would find themselves expecting a child. If 100 couples used the withdrawal method then only 19 of them would find themselves expecting a child. So withdrawal cuts the odds for pregnancy down a great deal, but pregnancy can still occur.

When a man is aroused, he begins dripping a fluid called pre-ejaculate fluid. There can be sperm in the pre-ejaculate fluid. There won't be large number of sperm in that fluid, but it only takes one sperm cell meeting up with the woman's egg to cause conception. A man releases about a half-million sperm cells when he ejaculates, but most don't survive the journey to reach the egg. The large number of sperm is to increase the odds of at least one surviving. So while the pre-ejaculate fluid might barely contain any sperm, there is always the possibility that some might survive.

After you ejaculate, semen continues to drip from your penis for a time. That is because not all the semen comes out during ejaculation. Some is left behind. You also continue to produce pre-ejaculate fluid, which then pushes the leftover semen out of the penis. This fluid contains a great number of sperm cells and can easily cause pregnancy. So while you were trying to avoid pregnancy, you actually only decreased the amount of semen you left in her. You did not eliminate it. Therefore, the odds of getting her pregnant is nearly the same as if you had ejaculated in her.

I should have included my marital status. I'm married, married just a month, but we do not want to have children because of the economy. My wife does not want to use contraceptives when having sex. What is the chance my wife would get pregnant because of pre-ejaculation? And when I've ejaculated all my semen, and my penis is still inside her vagina, can it still cause a pregnancy?

Please in answer again. Thank you.

Delaying children is reasonable. However, you need to change your practices if you are to be successful. As I said before, the normal odds for conceiving a child doing nothing to prevent it is 85% in the course of a year.

To do the withdrawal method properly, you must remove your penis before you ejaculate and you must make sure you don't ejaculate near your wife's vagina. Afterwards, you cannot put your penis back into your wife's vagina because there will always be some leftover semen in your penis that will dribble out. Nor should you let your penis rest next to her vagina after sex because of the possible dribbling of semen. Having sex this way will decrease the odds of your wife getting pregnant to 19% over the course of a year.

It is not zero because there may be sperm in your pre-ejaculate fluid. While you are withdrawing to ejaculate, it is possible to get some semen near the vagina if you are not careful. Finally, there is a strong desire to continue the act of sex as long as possible. Couples eventually continue too long and husband accidentally ejaculates in the vagina.

Because you are inserting your penis again after ejaculating, you are bringing semen that is on the end of your penis and any that dribbles out after ejaculation into the vagina. This would bring the odds of your wife getting pregnant over the course of a year up near 85%.

To decrease the odds of pregnancy further, you need to pay attention to your wife's monthly cycle. An egg from your wife can only be fertilized on the day it is released. A woman releases an egg two weeks before her next menstrual period. Since there can be variations in the menstrual cycle, it can be a guess as to exactly when this takes place. Your sperm can survive up to six days in your wife's womb, so to prevent conception you must make sure there is no sperm available when her egg is released.

Since you don't want to use other contraceptives, such as condoms, then starting three weeks before you expect her next period until one week before you expect her next period, you do not have intercourse. The rest of the time you can use the withdrawal method.

When you are confident that you are not within the six day period prior to her egg release, it is possible to finish sex and ejaculate in your wife with no fear of causing pregnancy, but you have to know your wife's cycle really well to not make a mistake.