My husband and I are trying to have a baby. I had a very early miscarriage several months ago (I was only 4 weeks along). The doctor told us it would be okay to try again this month. So we've been trying. My ovulation date was Monday and we've had sex the Saturday and Friday before the day of my ovulation. We also had sex Tuesday after I was due to ovulate. So I guess I have two questions: Can I get pregnant the day after I ovulate, and is it possible to get pregnant soon after an early miscarriage?


Conception can only take place in the 24-hour time after an egg is released. The thing is that most people don't know exactly when that egg was released until your period starts. Then you know it was 14 days before that day. To balance this, your husband's sperm is able to survive up to six days in your womb. Which each passing day, the numbers drop off, but the hardiest survive for as long as six days.

If you did ovulate on time, then last sex would not make any difference. But if your estimate was off just a little bit, it might have made a difference. The general suggestion is to start having sex often starting the week before you suspect you will ovulate and continue through the week after. That gives the greatest number of sperm being present to fertilize the egg, even if your timing is off.

The reason the doctor says to wait is to give your body a chance to recover from being pregnant to not being pregnant. It would not do to get pregnant again and your body be unable to support a pregnancy because it had not fully recovered from the last pregnancy. Typically two to three months is recommended for recovery. [After a Miscarriage: Getting Pregnant Again].

When you were pregnant, hormones were given off to stop ovulation. Those hormones need a chance to leave your system before you can become pregnant again. It isn't so much that you couldn't try earlier as that it wasn't likely to happen. Even now the odds of releasing an egg isn't at the peak. So don't get frustrated, just understand it may take several months of trying.