I came across your site and I have to say that it's a very informative site. Looking at God's word pragmatically.

I do have a question; my wife is†pregnant†and it's been couple of months since I've had intercourse with her. As a result, I haven't had any ejaculation for months and no wet dreams. This is causing extreme tension and urge within my body. Due the uncomfortablitly factor, I can't even ask her to help with ejaculation.

I was wondering if it is†bibilically OK to ejaculate myself so as to reduce the pressure in my body. When I say pressure, I mean extreme urge! I want to some how get that pressure out of body, lest I do something wicked in God's sight.

Please advice me. Hoping to hear from you soon.


The Bible never calls masturbation wrong, and as you discovered, there are times when it might be needed when sex is not available.

Just because your wife is pregnant, it doesn't mean you have to do without sex. A woman can have sex except in the period from several weeks before delivery to several weeks after.† A mucus plug forms in the opening of the cervix after a woman becomes pregnant. The plug prevents any germs from entering the womb while the child is developing. Meanwhile, sexual intercourse can continue up until a few weeks before delivery. At this point, the womanís body begins to prepare for the delivery of the baby. One of the preparations is an expansion of the vagina. With no pressure on the penis by the vagina, sex intercourse is difficult. There are also difficulties due to the expanding womb. It is hard to get close when there appears to be a basketball between you and your spouse. You will probably have to give up using the position of having the husband on top as most women become more sensitive to pressure on their bellies. The weight of the child also presses on a major vein that runs up near the spine. Many pregnant women become light-headed when they lay on their backs for too long.

Having the wife on top solves many of the problems in early pregnancy. You can also try lying side-by-side, though you may not be able to get as close as you would like.

During last few weeks of pregnancy, sex can continue. One position to try is for the husband to lay behind his wife and bring his penis between her legs. The penis can still enter the vagina, but not nearly as far. The angle gives more pressure to the penis so sex is more enjoyable for the husband. However, most women donít enjoy this position since they have little to do. Since the glans remains near the clitoris, the wife will get pleasure, though it takes some practice. If there still isnít enough sensation for the husband, the wife can squeeze his penis with her thighs. The other choice is that the wife can masturbate her husband to give him relief and the husband can stimulate his wife with his hands so she can get some enjoyment as well.

Most doctors discourage intercourse for the first few weeks immediately after childbirth. First, the wife will probably be too sore to enjoy sex. Second, after having a child move through the vagina, it takes several weeks for it to return to its normal size. Third, in very rare cases where some tearing occurred during childbirth, it is possible that vigorous sex can force germs or even air pockets into the womanís bloodstream. Rather than risk complications, as remote as they may be, most doctors suggest waiting three weeks after birth before engaging in sexual intercourse. To help relieve sexual desires, the couple can continue mutual masturbation.†