Hi. I am 26 years old, and I'm having premature ejaculations. Sometime it only takes few seconds after entering. My semen is also very thin and have small quantity. What can I do to increase my sex time, and can I make my wife pregnant?


Typically, premature ejaculation is due to over excitement and sensitivity. With your wife's permission, first get her to orgasm using your hands alone. This is so that she is able to enjoy sex. A woman is capable of multiple orgasms, so after she has reached her peak sexual excitement and before it fades too far, that is when you enter her. Don't worry that you won't last long, but most men are able to last longer because the focus is not on their own pleasure but their wives'.

Next, after you recovered from having intercourse and are able to have erections again, start having sex again. The second time won't be as exciting for you, but you will last longer. Regular practice at this will eventually help you last longer the first time.

The thickness of your semen doesn't matter and how long you ejaculate (quantity) doesn't matter. You are probably ejaculating more than you think and if you are judging the thickness by what flows out afterward, you are forgetting it is getting mixed with your wife's vaginal fluids.

If you are striving for a child, keep track of your wife's periods. Two weeks before you expect her next period to begin is when she is most likely to conceive, so starting three weeks before you expect her next period, you should strive to have sex as often as you can for the next two weeks. The more frequent your ejaculations, the fresher the sperm that will be delivered to her and the more likely conception will take place.

Thank you very much for your reply. One more question:

My wife has irregularity in periods. They come after 45 days or sometimes after two months. Will she be able to get pregnant or it can create difficulties.

Irregular periods create additional difficulties because you are trying to have sperm present when your wife releases an egg. An egg can only be fertilized in the first 24-hours of its release. That release comes two weeks before the start of her next period. Your sperm can survive up to six days in your wife's body. But as the time passes the number of surviving sperm decreases. That is why I said to start having sex frequently from a week before to a week after you expect your wife to release an egg. This will increase the odds of sperm being present to fertilize the egg.

Women who have irregular periods don't always release an egg each cycle. So even if you time your intercourse well, there might not be an egg to fertilize. Of course timing when to have the most frequent sex is more difficult since you aren't sure when her next period might take place. Right now the start of her periods start between 45 and 60 days. Assuming the day she starts her period is day 1, then she will release an egg somewhere between day 34 and 46. What I would suggest is having daily sex, or nearly daily sex, starting on day 28 and continue for 18 days. If you have to skip a day or two, it won't make a great deal of difference.

If a 100 couples have regular sex for a year, the odds are that in that year 85 will have conceived a child. On average it takes most couples about five months to conceive a child. Some manage on the first try, but others might take almost two years. Since your wife doesn't release an egg as often as most women, it means the odds are smaller for you and that it may take you two longer than most to conceive a child. If it takes longer than two years, then you may want to discuss your problems with a doctor to find out what is going on.