For the last three or four months I am getting multiple small-sized red spots, not bumps, on the head of my penis. These appear, remain for 10-15 days, disappear, and then again appear on similar pattern. Minor inflammatory type irritation persists. Please advise me about the possible diseases, if any, and the treatment for the same if advised.


The one that first comes to mind is genital herpes because this one comes and goes in cycles.

HerpesWhen a person gets genital herpes, which is caused by the herpes simplex virus, the initial symptom will be a fever accompanied by headaches and muscle aches. The fever usually comes between one day and twelve days after the infection. Most people mistake this for having influenza. And not all people develop the fever. A rash then develops at the point at which the infection was contracted. Small blisters form on the skin in a group and the area itches. The base of the blisters look inflamed (red and swollen slightly). The blisters last about 1 to 2 weeks and then begin to dry out. The itching decreases as the blisters heal. Eventually they fall off without leaving scars. Even after the blisters heal a feeling of pain in the skin persists for one to six weeks.

Herpes is highly contagious when the blisters appear. The biggest danger in this disease is that a person thinks they are over it because the symptoms disappear for a while. Then at odd moments it suddenly flares back up. Over time, the virus spreads along the pathways of your nerves, migrating away from the point of infection and becoming more numerous. Worse, there are periods where the virus goes through a "shedding" phase in about one-third of the cases where a person becomes contagious again, but has no visible symptoms. These shedding phases generally occur just before or just after the blistering phase. In other words, the virus can be spread when a person doesn't think they are contagious.

You need to see a doctor about this.