It's been a since we married, but I have yet to conceive. Previously I had polycystic ovaries, but now, thank God, it's all over. My doctor said that it has all vanshed with treatment. We regularly have intercourse, but I still can't conceive. My husband's semen tested at 65%, so the doctor said he is fine. What should I do to get pregnant? I am so depressed, please help me out. I am still waiting for God's blessings.


Polycystic ovaries mean you had multiple cysts on your ovaries caused by improperly ripening eggs. The result is not only difficulty in releasing a egg each month that is viable, but your hormonal cycle is throw off. The treatment consists of giving you hormones to get your cycle back to normal. But even then, women with polycystic ovaries still have a harder time getting pregnant.

For most people, the average time is about five months of trying before pregnancy occurs. But that is the average, some are shorter, some are longer. Most doctors won't consider further treatment until two years of trying has past.

You didn't say how long ago you got a clean bill of health from your doctor, but since you have only been married a year, I suspect that not enough time has passed. Be patient. If after two years of trying since your problem was cleared up that you still are unable to get pregnant, your doctor will probably suggest using some fertility drugs to increase the possibility of release a viable egg.