When I was 14, I felt some pain in the right testicle (maybe the uppernerve of the testicle). I did not dare to tell anyone. I could not visit even a doctor as I was afraid to see one. After some months I noticed that the left testicle is bigger than the right one. Again, becuase of the same problem I did not dare to tell anyone.

Now I am 25 and my left testicle is double of my right testicle. I read one article recently related to the nerve twist, which can happen between the ages of 13-17. Still when I touch myright testicle I can feel the pain in theupper nerves of the testicle, but not for theleft one. I do not know what to do.

Is something really wrong in my case? Could it bea problem to my personal life? What I am really worried is: am I fertile? I feel one testicle was damaged because of my ignorance. What should I do now? I will marry soon. Is there anything which can help me to be fertile?


Let's start with your biggest worry: the reason God gives men two testicles is so that you have a backup in case one fails. One testicle by itself is enough to supply you will sufficient hormones to be male and sperm to be fertile. The typical male ejaculates 500,000,000 sperm cells, yet only one is needed to reach a woman's egg to cause fertilization. Even if you only ejaculated 250,000,000, you would not be able to tell a difference. Typically doctors consider any count of 50,000 or more live, active sperm in an ejaculation to mean you are fertile.

Usually if a testicle dies because of torsion, you will stop feeling pain. Since you are still tender on one side, it is possible that you have a varicocele or a hydrocele on one side. These are failures of valve in a vein or in one of the tubes that supplies liquid to the scrotum. If you have one, you should have it repaired. You won't be able to recover the size in the one testicle, but repairing the problem will prevent further damage. Besides you don't want your testicles to be painful when you are having sex with your wife.