What is the optimal time for ejaculation of sperm to make a baby? What are the minimum prerequisities? I'm planing my wedding in a short while, and thus my questions. My future wife and I would like to have a baby immediately.


In order for a child to be conceived, sperm from the husband must met up with the wife's egg (ovum) within 24 hours of the egg's release. Thus there are two timings which must coincide.

Women release an egg 14 days before the start of her next blood flow. While the span of time is fixed, when a woman has a menstruation (blood flow) can vary. On average a woman's cycle is every 28 days. Your future wife probably will know roughly when her next period should begin. If you subtract 14 days from that time, this will be close to the optimal time for her to become pregnant.

On your end, your sperm can meet up with an egg within 20 minutes of you ejaculating in her vagina. In addition, your sperm can survive up to six days inside your wife. The number of surviving sperm decreases each day, but still some have a chance of living for six days. Therefore, if you have sex within six days before she expects her next egg to release, there is a good chance that she will become pregnant.

One of the interesting facts is that woman feel most like having sex close to the time when she is about to release an egg. Another fact is that if you have sex every night during the week or so around when she might release an egg, you are more likely to conceive a child. Some men try to hold off until the "right" time thinking that a larger volume of semen will more likely produce a child. Actually, by having sex frequently, even though the volume of semen may be slightly less, the frequent sex means the freshest and most active sperm are present in the semen. The ability of sperm to quickly reach the egg is a greater factor in conceiving a child than the volume of semen around the sperm.

Overall, the odds for 100 couples having sex regularly for a year is that 85 of the couples will conceive a child in that year's time frame. Or another way to look at it, the average couple trying to conceive a child will probably do so within about five months of regularly having sexual intercourse.

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