I have never gone to see a gynecologist. I am still a virgin, but I am over 21. I do not really have much interest in seeing one, but most of my lady friends think I should. Even my doctor has pressured me to have him check me out because I'm of my age, but I do not really see the need. I figured I would wait till I get pregnant or at the least till I have my first sexual experience. Is that ok? Or should I go anyway before ever having sex? What are the benefits or reasons behind doing so, waiting or not waiting? To be frank I am not really comfortable with the whole idea so I figured I would wait till I really have to (first and regular sexual activity or pregnancy). What is your input or counsel?


I am going to assume that you are wise enough that your first sexual experience will be with your husband after marriage.

The reason for the recommendation to see a gynecologist is to have a Pap smear test done each year. This test is to detect cervical cancer as early as possible. The risk factor is highest in women in their twenties, so a yearly test is recommended up until the age of 30. After that the frequency of tests can be reduced. While there, your doctor will also look for signs of infections or unusual changes.

But beyond this concern, a visit to the gynecologist could be put off until you have cause for concern, such as some sign of infection, or believe you are pregnant, or want to discuss ways to delay pregnancy in your marriage.