Hi! I'm a female, 44 years of age. I've been trying to have kids, but to no avail. I have had four miscarriages. I've seen doctors and they all give different reasons. With the last doctor, she told me I do not have any more eggs and suggested I go for donor eggs. But I don't think so. Can you please tell me what is going on, and what step to take next? I'm trusting in the Lord but sometimes fear sets in. Please help.

Is it possible for the tubes to stay open after they've been operated on? Is it possible to ovulate if you do not have any more eggs?


At 44 you are at the late end for having children. The problem would not be a lack of eggs because every woman is born with more eggs than she can ovulate in a lifetime. More likely the doctor was trying to simplify the answer. Typically a woman in her late forties and early fifties is heading towards menopause. As a result the regular hormone cycle that you have grown used to is shifting. One result of that shift is that you don't release eggs as regularly as you used to do. Another result is that your body has difficulty switching into pregnancy mode.

It is possible still to have a child, but typically it takes the use of hormone shots over a period of time to make up for the shifting hormones in your body. I can't say what is needed in your case since I am not a doctor, nor have I seen the results of the tests the doctors have performed on you.

Depending on the operation done to your tubes, they may have closed off due to scar tissue. The fallopian tubes are very small, any damage to them can easily cause the tubes to become too small to allow an egg to pass through.

Note that since you are conceiving children but miscarrying, you are releasing eggs and they are getting to your uterus.