Hi! I have been married for two years. Even before marriage, I have had problems with my periods; they have been irregular since I was 17. I will sometimes have one period in three months. I was checked by the doctor and she says everything is normal. Since I got married, I started to worried because I haven't been able to get pregnant. I consulted another doctor and she tell me that my hormones are high so I must reduce them. What should I do so to become pregnant?


When a woman experiences irregular periods, it is difficult to judge when is the best time to conceive a child. A woman releases an egg two weeks before her next period starts. Since you don't know when that time is, it makes it more difficult to become pregnant. Also, even knowing when a egg will be released, it takes most couples about one to two years to conceive a child and that is with the woman releasing an egg every month. You release fewer eggs than most women, so it will make it harder to become pregnant.

Also, the cause of your irregular periods is probably because of improper hormone levels in your body. But the same hormone problems could cause you to not be able to carry a child even if the child is conceived.

Most doctors are told to wait about two years to see a couple will be able to conceive on their own before trying to help with the process. Since there are known problems with your body, it would make sense to follow the doctor's advice to get your periods more regular. You might be fortunate and find yourself pregnant as a result.