What causes spotting 5-6 days after ovulation other than being pregnant?  Also, what causes burning nipples after that spotting occurs, again without being pregnant?  I have had this occur for the past five months and the only thing that has changed is that I have less stress in my life and do not exercise as often.  Thanks!


Spotting is not usually connected with pregnancy when it happens month after month. Regular spotting outside of the normal menstrual period is more often connected with using birth control pills or extreme stress in a woman's life. It is possible that your hormones are taking more extreme swings of late, which would also explain your tender nipples. If you are on a birth control pill, you should mention this to your gynecologist, who might decide to change your dosage. If this is happening and you are not on a birth control pill, you should still mention it to your gynecologist. Some diseases can throw your hormones off and this could be an early symptom. It is probably nothing but a normal "swing," but it is better to be safe and have it checked.