We are planning for baby. I have sharp pains near my fallopian tubes. Do you think is there anything serious? How will I know the answer?


I'm not certain how you are able to tell that your pain is from the fallopian tubes; most women are not able to be that precise concerning internal organs. However, sharp pains in the abdominal area need to be checked out immediately by a gynecologist, especially when you are attempting to get pregnant. The doctor will likely order a sonogram to see where, if any, a child is developing. Sharp pains could be caused by something benign, such as a cyst on the ovary not healing well because of the flux of hormones due to pregnancy (sometimes called a cyst of pregnancy). However, it is possible that a baby did not make it to the uterus after fertilization and has begun growing in a tube, which doesn't have room to spare. If the later is the case, it is a medical emergency because you can end up bleeding internally.

I would advise you to see a doctor as quickly as you can just so as to rule out the worse possible causes.