I have irregular periods. It comes every two to three months. I want to conceive. How do I know my ovulation time? How much time should the husband's ejaculate remain in the wife's body to conceive?


The most common cause of irregular periods is not eating an adequate amount of food. If you are very thin and not eating enough, your body will have difficulty supporting a child anyway. So the first thing you need to do is start eating well.

Ovulation occurs two weeks before the time of your next period. It can be detected by taking your temperature in the morning with a highly accurate thermometer. Just before ovulation, a woman's morning temperature rises a half-degree for three days. Here is an article on natural family planning that describes this and other methods in more detail: "Natural Family Planning."

From the time of ejaculation, sperm from the husband enters the fallopian tubes in under twenty minutes. Even if some of the ejaculate flows out after intercourse, more than enough remains for the possibility of conception to take place. Sperm survives up to six days after intercourse in a woman's body, so as long as intercourse takes place within six days of ovulation, there is a possibility of becoming pregnant.