Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Old Testament or New Testament?

A Discussion of this Question in Light

of Scriptural Teaching

Terry W. Benton

Dave Brown

January 29, 1999

Table of Contents

0.         Preface

1.         The Basic Argument
            1.1       Proposition 1: Law Went Forth
            1.2       Proposition 2: When Did Jesus Cease Teaching the Law?
            1.3       Proposition 3: Problem of Mingling
            1.4       The Summary Argument

2.         Other Arguments Answered
            2.1       Jesus Lived Under the Old Testament Law
            2.2       Only One Law in Force
            2.3       Only Acceptable Worship
            2.4       Jesus Was an Old Testament Israelite
            2.5       The Bible Says It
            2.6       Jesus was the Last Old Testament Prophet
            2.7       No Christians in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

3.         Jesus’ Teachings as “Prophecy”

4.         Summary of Positive Evidence
            4.1       Historical Evidence
            4.2       Ramifications of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John Being Old Testament
            4.3       Statements of Jesus and John the Baptist
            4.4       The Hebrews Writer