On the Road to Emmaus

Reading Assignment:

Mark 16:12-13
Luke 24:13-35

I Corinthians 15:5

Did you understand what you read?

  1. Which two disciples were walking to Emmaus?
  2. How far was Emmaus from Jerusalem?
  3. When did this event happen?
  4. Why didnít these disciples recognize Jesus when he joined them?
  5. What was the topic of conversation?
  6. What evidence was there that a resurrection had taken place? Why were there questions about the evidence?
  7. What had the disciples failed to consider?
  8. What did Jesus explain to them?
  9. What did the two disciples want this stranger to do when they arrived at Emmaus?
  10. What did Jesus do that finally made the disciples realize who he was?
  11. What happened to Jesus?
  12. What did the disciples realize that should have made them aware of Jesus sooner?
  13. Who did they tell about what they saw the same day?
  14. What was the reaction by those they told?