The Crucifixion

Reading Assignment:

Matthew 27:31-56
Mark 15:20-41
Luke 23:26-49
John 19:16-30


Did you understand what you read?

  1. What was returned to Jesus before they lead him away?
  2. Why does John state that Jesus carried his cross, but Matthew, Mark, and Luke mention that Simon carried Jesusí cross?
  3. Who was Simon? How did he get assigned the task of carrying Jesusí cross?
  4. What did Jesus tell the mourners following him?
  5. What was offered to Jesus to drink? Why do you suppose he rejected it?
  6. What was done with Jesusí clothing?
  7. What charge was nailed to Jesusí cross? Why do you suppose the wording is slightly different in the gospel accounts?
  8. Who objected to this charge? Why?
  9. Who were also crucified at the same time?
  10. What abuse was being hurled at Jesus as he died? Who were saying these things?
  11. Who defended Jesus from the abuse?
  12. What happened between the sixth and ninth hour of the day?
  13. Why did some people think Jesus called out for Elijah?
  14. List what happened when Jesus died.
  15. What did the guards say concerning Jesus?
  16. Who was there at the cross as Jesus died?