Second Trial Before Pilate

Reading Assignment:

Matthew 27:15-30
Mark 15:6-19
Luke 23:13-25
John 18:39-19:16


Did you understand what you read?

  1. What was Pilate’s conclusion regarding Jesus? What did he offer to do?
  2. What custom did the Roman governor keep during the Passover? Who typically did the selection?
  3. Why do you think Pilate offered a choice between Barabbas and Jesus?
  4. Did Pilate understand why they Jews turned Jesus over to him? What was the reason? What did he say to annoy them?
  5. What message did Pilate’s wife send to him while he was making his decision?
  6. Which of the two prisoners did the crowd want released? Why?
  7. What did the crowd what done with Jesus?
  8. When Pilate asked why, what was the response?
  9. What would Pilate have preferred to have done with Jesus?
  10. Why did Pilate wash his hands of the matter?
  11. Who accepted responsibility for the decision?
  12. What did Pilate order to be done with Jesus?
  13. What did the soldiers do to Jesus?
  14. What did Pilate try to do after the scourging?
  15. Why did the rulers refuse? Why did their answer make Pilate afraid?
  16. What did Pilate what to know from Jesus?
  17. Where did Jesus say Pilate’s authority came from?
  18. What did Pilate attempt to do? What was he threatened with?
  19. What day was it? What time was it?
  20. Whom did the rulers claim as their king? Why is this a significant statement?