First Trial Before Pilate

Reading Assignment:

Matthew 27:11-14
Mark 15:2-5
Luke 23:2-7
John 18:28-38


Did you understand what you read?

  1. Why wouldn’t the Jews enter the Praetorium?
  2. What accusation was brought to Pilate against Jesus by the Jews?
  3. Why isn’t the accusation the same as what the Sanhedrin convicted Jesus of doing?
  4. What did Pilate want to know from Jesus?
  5. Where was Jesus’ kingdom?
  6. Why did Pilate not wait for an answer to his question: “What is truth?”
  7. What was Pilate’s initial judgment?
  8. How did Jesus answer the accusations of the Jewish leaders?
  9. What did Pilate find amazing?
  10. Why did Pilate send Jesus to Herod?