Trial Before Caiaphas

Reading Assignment:

Matthew 26:57, 59-68; 27:1-10
Mark 14:55-65; 15:1
Luke 22:63-23:1

Psalm 110:1
Acts 1:18-20

Did you understand what you read?

  1. What was the council seeking during Jesusí trial?
  2. Despite many false witnesses, what kept happening?
  3. What one charge was finally brought against Jesus by two witnesses? What was wrong with the testimony?
  4. What caused the High Priest to be upset?
  5. What question did the High Priest insist Jesus answer under oath?
  6. What was Jesusí answer?
  7. So what charge was brought against Jesus? What sentence was recommended?
  8. Before the verdict was actually reached, how was Jesus treated?
  9. How did Judas react when he saw Jesus was condemned?
  10. Why do you suppose Judas acted this way seeing that he betrayed Jesus?
  11. What was done with the money that Judas refused to keep?