Gethsemane: The Gospel Accounts: A Chronological Harmony


Reading Assignment:

Matthew 26:36-56
Mark 14:32-52
Luke 22:39-53
John 18:1-12

Psalm 42:6

Did you understand what you read?

  1. Who followed Jesus and the mob?
  2. Where did they go?
  3. Who was able to enter? How did Peter get in?
  4. Who recognized Peter first?
  5. Who recognized Peter second?
  6. What did Annas question Jesus about?
  7. Why did Jesus refuse to answer the questions?
  8. Who hit Jesus? Why?
  9. How long did the examination last?
  10. Who last recognized Peter? What gave Peter away?
  11. How did Peter attempt to “prove” he wasn’t a follower of Jesus?
  12. What happened when Peter made his third denial?