Reading Assignment:

John 16:5-33


Did you understand what you read?

  1. Jesus said they didnít ask where he was going, but isnít that what Thomas asked in John 14:5? Explain how this isnít a contradiction.
  2. How were the disciples reacting to Jesusí statements about going? How is Jesusí lessening the blow?
  3. What three things would the Holy Spirit convict the world? Why was it necessary?
  4. Why couldnít Jesus tell them more just then? Who would tell them more later?
  5. What didnít the disciples understand? Who did they talk to? Who didnít they talk to?
  6. What will happen to the disciples shortly? How will the rest of the world react?
  7. What illustration did Jesus use to show that their sorrow would not last? Why wouldnít it last?
  8. How is it that in the future the disciples would not question Jesus about anything?
  9. How has Jesus been speaking to the disciples? How will he speak later?
  10. Whose love did Jesus assure the disciples they had?
  11. Did the disciples understand Jesus then?
  12. Is it going to stay with them?
  13. Need they worry later that they had left Jesus alone?