Reading Assignment:

John 15:1-16:4


Did you understand what you read?

  1. Who or what is
    1. The true vine?
    2. The vinedresser?
    3. The branches?
    4. The fruit?
  2. How were the disciples made clean?
  3. What does it mean to ďabide?Ē Who must abide in whom?
  4. How do we abide in Christís love?
  5. What is the greatest expression of love?
  6. What relationship does Jesus want with his disciples?
  7. What relationship does Jesus want the disciples to have with each other?
  8. What relationship are the disciples going to have with the world? Why?
  9. Why does the world have no more excuse for their sins?
  10. When the Spirit comes, what duty will the disciples have to perform?
  11. Why is Jesus telling them all these discouraging things in advance?