Strife Among the Disciples

Reading Assignment:

Matthew 26:21-25
Mark 14:18-21
Luke 22:21-30
John 13:1-30

Psalm 41:9

Did you understand what you read?

  1. When did Jesus washed his disciples feet? What were the motivations for this deed that John lists before it was done?
  2. Why did Peter refuse to have his feet washed? What caused him to change his mind?
  3. Did Jesus wash Judas Iscariotís feet? Why?
  4. What was the purpose of Jesusí example? How do we follow that example?
  5. What bothered Jesus about one of his disciples?
  6. Did the disciples understand? Why? Did Judas understand?
  7. Who was selected to find out what Jesus meant? How was it demonstrated?
  8. What is meant by Satan entering into Judas? Did the disciples understand what Jesus said to Judas? What did they think Jesus told Judas to do?
  9. What was the topic of discussion after Judas left?
  10. What did Jesus remind them once again about himself? What did he expect from his servants?