The Second Coming of the Lord

Reading Assignment:

Matthew 24:36-25:46
Mark 13:32-37

Zechariah 14:5

Did you understand what you read?

  1. What is unknown by everyone except God the Father?
  2. What will the days prior to the second coming be like?
  3. Why is the second coming compared to a thief? What lesson are we to learn?
  4. Why is the second coming compared to an absent master? What lesson are we to learn?
  5. Why wouldn’t the wise virgins share their oil with the foolish virgins? Were they uncaring?
  6. Why weren’t the foolish virgins admitted to the wedding feast?
  7. What lesson are we to learn from the parable of the ten virgins?
  8. In the parable of the talents, what determined the amount each servant received?
  9. What did the servant given one talent do with it? Why?
  10. Why was the one talent given to the one who was originally given ten talents?
  11. When Jesus returns, who will be judged?
  12. What characteristics made a difference between the sheep and the goats?
  13. Who were the recipients of the good deeds? Jesus said it was equivalent to doing those things for whom?