Jesus' Authority Challenged

Reading Assignment:

Matthew 21:20-22:14
Mark 11:20-12:12
Luke 20:1-19

Isaiah 5:1-2

Did you understand what you read?

  1. What happened to the fig tree by the next day?
  2. What lesson did Jesus teach from this event?
  3. Who challenged Jesusí authority to teach?
  4. Why were they afraid to answer concerning the authority John had to baptize?
  5. In the parable of the two sons, who do each of the sons represent?
  6. In the parable of the vineyard owner, who is represented by the landowner, the vine-growers, the slaves, and the son?
  7. How did Jesus prove that the Jewish leaders knew that their treatment of Jesus was sinful?
  8. Instead of feeling remorse, what did the leading Jews seek to do? Why didnít they do it?
  9. How were the servants in the parable of the wedding feast treated who had been invited to the feast? What did the king do in response?
  10. Who were invited in their place?
  11. Why was the man not in wedding clothes cast out? What did his regular attire state about his attitude toward the wedding?