Monday's Events

Reading Assignment:

Matthew 21:12-19
Mark 11:12-19
Luke 19:45-48
John 12:20-50

Isaiah 6:10
Jeremiah 7:11

Did you understand what you read?

  1. Why did Jesus curse the fig tree?
  2. Who did Jesus cast out of the temple? Why did he do this?
  3. Who came to see Jesus in the temple?
  4. What were children saying in the temple? Why did this bother the chief priests and scribes?
  5. Why werenít the chief priests and scribes doing something about Jesus?
  6. Why did some Greeks approach Philip?
  7. What must happen in order for the Son to be glorified? Why?
  8. If Jesus wasnít looking forward to dying, why was he continuing?
  9. Who answered Jesus? What did the crowd hear?
  10. What will happen when Jesus is lifted up?
  11. Why did Jesus talk of being crucified confuse the crowd?
  12. What must people do while they have the opportunity? Why?
  13. Where the miracles Jesus doing making an impact on the people? Why?
  14. Where the rulers universally against him? Why havenít they been speaking out?
  15. Jesus came as whose representative? Belief in Jesus then means what?
  16. What will judge a person on the last day?
  17. What do Godís commandments produce?