Death Foretold and Greatness

Reading Assignment:

Matthew 20:17-28
Mark 10:32-45
Luke 18:31-34

Psalm 22

Did you understand what you read?

  1. What was the attitude or feelings among those following Jesus?
  2. What did Jesus say would happen when they reached Jerusalem? List the details he gave.
  3. Did they understand what Jesus was saying? Why, since his statements were clear?
  4. Who approached Jesus and what did they request?
  5. What would be Jesusís cup?
  6. Why did Jesus say he could not grant the request?
  7. What did the other disciples think about this request?
  8. How is greatness determined among the Gentiles?
  9. How will greatness be determined among the disciples?
  10. Who serves as an example? How is he setting the example?