The Resurrection of Lazarus

Reading Assignment:

John 11:1-44


Did you understand what you read?

  1. What do we know of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus?
  2. What message was sent to Jesus? What was his reply?
  3. If Jesus loved Lazarus, why did he wait two more days?
  4. Why did the disciples object to returning to Judea?
  5. Why was Jesus glad he wasnít there when Lazarus died? How did Jesus know Lazarus had died?
  6. What did Thomas figure would happen when Jesus returned to Judea?
  7. How long did it take to return?
  8. What can you conclude about Martha, Mary, and Lazarusí reputation?
  9. What did Martha believe about Jesus?
  10. What did Martha know about the resurrection?
  11. Why did the people follow Mary when she went out to meet Jesus?
  12. What did Mary believe about Jesus?
  13. Why did Jesus weep?
  14. What puzzled the people in the crowd?
  15. Why did Martha object to opening the tomb?
  16. When did God hear Jesus? Then why did Jesus pray about this out loud?
  17. List details from the story that proves this could not be faked or staged.
  18. Trace Jesusí travels in this lesson. Mark the places of significant events.