Healing of the Crippled Woman and Other Teachings

Reading Assignment:

Luke 13:1-22


Did you understand what you read?

  1. When did some talk to Jesus about what Pilate did to some Galileans?
  2. Whom did people blame for this disaster? Why would people do such a thing?
  3. What other disaster recently happened? What wasnít the reason for the event, according to Jesus?
  4. What should people understand in regards to their own lives?
  5. What is the point being taught in the parable of the barren fig tree?
  6. When did Jesus come across the crippled woman?
  7. Did she asked to be healed? Did she know what Jesus was planning to do?
  8. Why were the synagogue official upset?
  9. What was wrong with the official's reasoning?
  10. What was the result of what Jesus said?
  11. How is the church like a mustard seed?
  12. How is the church like leavening?
  13. Where was Jesus heading?