Various Teachings

Reading Assignment:

Luke 12:1-59


Did you understand what you read?

  1. How large of a crowd had gathered to hear Jesus?
  2. Many of the points Jesus is making are similar to ones he has said earlier. Why is he repeating his lessons?
  3. Why did Jesus refuse to determine the division of an inheritance?
  4. Was it wrong for the rich man to build larger barns?
  5. What should not be a concern? Why?
  6. For what must we always be ready?
  7. Peter asked to whom these parables were being addressed. What was the answer to his question?
  8. When will the master return? What, therefore, should we do?
  9. What is the baptism that Jesus still had to undergo?
  10. Was Jesus here to bring harmony into the world?
  11. What signs were the people not noticing?