Pharisees and Lawyers

Reading Assignment:

Luke 11:37-54


Did you understand what you read?

  1. Where do these events take place?
  2. What had Jesus not done before eating?
  3. What do Pharisees do while leaving inside undone?
  4. What did Jesus mean by saying “give that which is within as charity?”
  5. Was it wrong to be tithe your spices?
  6. What motivated Pharisees to act as they did?
  7. What was the lawyer upset about?
  8. What sins have the lawyers been guilty of committing?
  9. How are the lawyers inadvertently showing approval for the sins of their ancestors?
  10. Why would apostles and prophets be sent to Judea?
  11. Given the reaction to Jesus’ statements, why do you suppose Jesus spoke so harshly to the Pharisees and lawyers?