Teachings to a Crowd

Reading Assignment:

Mathew 12:22-45
Luke 11:14-36


Did you understand what you read?

  1. What miracle was being performeed at the beginning of this event?
  2. What did some in the crowd believe? Whaere do you suppose they got such an idea?
  3. Why must the accusation be false according to Jesus?
  4. Since the accusation is false, what must be the proper conclusion?
  5. Can people take a neutral position toward Jesus?
  6. What is the story about the man with a demon removed and returned teaching?
  7. Why is the praise shouted out by a woman in the crowd wrong?
  8. What was the crowd looking for? What was Jesus going to give them?
  9. For what are the Queen of the South and the people of Nineveh going to condemn these people? Why would the crowd find Jesus' words especially hurtful?
  10. What point is being made about putting a lamp on a stand?
  11. What point is being made about the eye being a lamp?