The Blind Man Who Saw

Reading Assignment:

John 9:1-41


Did you understand what you read?

  1. What question did the disciples ask Jesus? What lead them to ask this question?
  2. Why was the man blind according to Jesus?
  3. Did the blind man ask to be healed? Did he have faith?
  4. Did the man know who healed him?
  5. On what day of the week did this happen? Why is that important?
  6. What conclusion did the Pharisees make about Jesus?
  7. What conclusion did the formerly blind man make?
  8. What were the Pharisees attempting to do by questioning the man’s parents?
  9. What did the Pharisees demand from the man at his second “trial?”
  10. Did the man accept that Jesus was a sinner?
  11. By rejecting the testimony that they asked for, what are the Pharisees proving? (Remember Jesus’ accusation in John 8.)
  12. What was amazing about the Pharisees stating that they did not know where Jesus was from?
  13. What statement of the man caused him to be thrown out?
  14. What did Jesus ask the man at a later time? What does that show us regarding his healing?
  15. Why is it significant that the man worshiped Jesus?
  16. What concern did the Pharisees with Jesus have? What was Jesus’ answer?

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